Avoiding the “After-Thanksgiving-Diet Trend” in 10 steps.

Happy Leftovers Day! Hope everyones Thanksgiving was great, full of love, memories and yummy food. If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, it was lovely and you might have had a table full of meat and vegetables but mostly carbs…..carbs…….carbs. Which left you saying, “Tomorrow begins my diet.” Heres what I have got to say… Continue reading Avoiding the “After-Thanksgiving-Diet Trend” in 10 steps.

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Insecurity, Doubt, and Anxiety

These are the feelings that I often have ever since I have started my journey as a Medical Sonographer. I am very sure that most students, or anybody who has started something new that has challenged them has felt these feelings, too. I was always a really intelligent, and hardworking student. School was my strong… Continue reading Insecurity, Doubt, and Anxiety