Hazing. Why?


Studying or Nah?Tuesdays are “me-day.” I don’t have work, and I don’t have school. My mom is working, and my little brothers are at school. It’s just me and only me for a while. I really benefit from “me-day.” Sure the first half of Tuesdays is usually me just lazing around in bed watching Vine videos and playing “Dotello” on my iPhone. (New game on the app store which is really fun, just saying!) BUT, this day helps me stay sane as a full-time sonography student with my school days (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) starting as early as 9 am and end as late at 7:30-8:00 pm. I also work on the weekends. I’m a person who enjoys alone time every now and then. I tend to stress out easily if I don’t have a day where I am just alone. So! Moral of this paragraph. Alyssa needs “me-day.” This is how I spent my first me-day I will share with you all:

  • Slept in
  • Played Dotello for about a half hour (wasn’t joking)
  • Watched Vine videos until I cried of laughter
  • Sat down to start my essay on Beta hCG tests
  • Failed
  • Lay in bed because I was cold and also wanted to continue playing Dotello
  • Started doing my essay again
  • Rewarded myself for completing two paragraphs without getting distracted by eating a salad
    and compiling this post
  • Took a picture for you all so that I can be artsy.
    (Voss water makes all photos artsy. Amirite?)
    Artsy Salad and Voss

So here we are now. That was my day. I wish I was more productive today but, that’s alright. Sometimes we all need those lazy days where we don’t do much. Though, I will regret not using this day to my advantage on Sunday night before I enter a week of tests each day that I am in class…….. However, for now I will ignore that.

Oh yes, news. (I knew this post wasn’t going to be as pointless as this.)

Last night, after I made my little welcome post, I found out that a guy that I graduated high school with a few years ago, who is now in a fraternity at a university, was arrested for being apart of a death of a 19-year-old. Get this- due to the fraternity HAZING HIM. Come on! Seriously? Why does this still happen? Now obviously, I don’t know everything and I am not claiming to. But – what I do know, is that a 19-year-old kid is now dead.

A young adult registered for college most likely looking forward to his future college career, and signed up for the necessary classes to be where he wanted to be in life. He then made the decision to share his college experience alongside “fraternity brothers” is now dead because of them. While yes, it was his choice to drink as much as he had, his future “friends” never stopped him or called for help when it got out of hand. A poor, innocent life was taken because the people who he wanted to call his “friends for life” made him drink himself to death to be a part of their group.

I have honestly never understood hazing, and I never will. I also can’t understand why anybody would want to be friends with any group of people who made them undergo public, and most likely documented/recorded humiliation and torture. I have never been a person who has had a large group of friends – and I can admit at times I wish I was – but I would never succumb to the disrespect that students at universities allow themselves to undergo during the hazing process. Fraternities and sororities, forgive me if I am wrong, are supposed to be the “brothers” and “sisters” or “friends for life” that stand by you during your college years, right? Friends should never want to harm you, or see you suffer.

If you are a part of a fraternity and sorority that practices hazing- I URGE you to stop and think about how YOU felt during the hazing process. Or if you weren’t hazed- how would you feel if this was your sibling or future child?! This idea of brotherhood, and sisterhood beginning with torture is so sick and un-humane. It needs to end. Hazing related injuries and deaths are seen nearly EVERYDAY in the news. It makes me sick that these things are still happening. Make hazing stop!

My condolences go out to the family of the life that was so wrongfully lost, and taken far too soon.
Rest In Peace Trevor Duffy.



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