Welcome to my Galaxy!

imagesHi! I am not sure who is going to read this, or how this is going to work out- but I am taking a stab at blogging. I have tried to keep countless journals and it hasn’t worked out for me. Time to try something new!

I have come to a few realizations lately, as I am in the midst of my junior year of college and everything is completely scary and overwhelming. One being the primary point of this entire blog, or what I hope it to be. Here it goes:

☾ ✩ My mind is a galaxy ✩

A vast, complex, and completely beautiful galaxy full of twists and turns. A galaxy so vast, that the only inhabitant has yet to find her true purpose.✩

This mind of mine is millions and billions of starry, and spectacular visions and ideas. So deep and curious, despite the gas and dust that can at many times overwhelm the human brain. All held together by gravitational forces; my family, my friends, my relationships, my peers – my life.

I think that this website is going to be the portal to my mind, for anyone who is interested. I want to share my ideas, and my thoughts without imposing on others. I want others to share their thoughts with me- expand my galaxy. I hope that I can help people, or even just one person with my words. I hope that I can help show you that your galaxy, your thoughts, your mind- is just as special and unique.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that I continue to keep your attention.



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