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My Very Scary Wedding

IMG_0430Today was a perfect day to not have any classes. It rained all morning which makes so so happy and makes feel that it’s that much more acceptable to stay snuggled up in my blankets and drinking coffee at 12 pm. I studied for Physics for about 2 hours because I have an exam tomorrow, and then read an article for my OBGYN class on “Absent Right Umbilical Cords vs Absent Left Umbilical Cord.” It was actually quite interesting. I am now taking a little break to write this post before moving onto my essay from last week’s post post which I still haven’t finished on Beta hCG. (Procrastination at it’s finest) I also have to study for my OBGYN test on Thursday. Ugh… Sono student struggles. Three tests in a week. The stress doesn’t end.

I usually don’t study well with any music or noise, or any sort of distraction for that matter. But I actually made a playlist of some songs that were pretty nice to have in the background as I studied today! I will post it in my next blog post tomorrow!

On to more important things: 
I woke up from a really strange dream today that I was getting married in a hotel. Whilst getting ready for my wedding, someone was terrorizing me with evil notes. The first weird thing to me was that on my wedding day – I was completely alone in my hotel room. Where was my family, or my bridal party at least? I was doing my makeup, too. I don’t get a make-up artist? Sheesh. Thanks dream.

The notes that were left around the room were telling me to do terrible things like kill other people in other hotel rooms. (Don’t worry – I am not a psychopath and I don’t have murderous tendencies or evil thoughts.) Obviously a normal-out-of dream-Alyssa thought would be, “Oh my God. What is this crap? Who is doing this? I would never do something so terrible. I am leaving this creep-o room and reporting this to front desk and police. Bye!” Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.37.53 PM

However, dream-Alyssa said out loud, “I can’t do that! I am going to ruin my wedding dress!” (LOL) After a few more harassing messages after ignoring the first, I left the hotel room. I was wearing a wedding dress and a blue zip-up hoodie over it. How fashionable of me.

As I was walking down the stairs, I was walking behind a man in a tuxedo (maybe he was a guest? or maybe he was my groom?) As I was approaching him on the stairs, this woman in a long black dress (sorta of resembling a pioneer women) with a brown hair in a high bun ran past me down the stairs so that she could create space between me in and the man in the tuxedo. I got scared and thought she was chasing me so I ran down the stairs past him and saw that outside it was RAINING (Remember – IT WAS RAINING WHEN I WOKE UP IN REAL LIFE FROM THIS DREAM, TOO. WEIRD.)

So – No big deal, I will grab an umbrella so that I can leave this creepy hotel. Just as I thought this, a man grabbed the last umbrella in the umbrella holder. Then the lady with the brown bun I mentioned before, appeared in front of me and yelled in my face, “You can’t leave!”

And that was the end of my dream because then I got a call to my iPhone in real life, and the vibration woke me up. How freaking weird, right? I wish I knew the meaning of this. Any thoughts?

As always, thank you for reading!



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