What a day, what a day!

So, if you are my friend on Facebook you are probably familiar with this status right here:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 7.27.54 PMIt got tons of comments and likes so that is pretty cool. Apparently people are interested in animal intercourse (Hah! Just kidding.) But yes anyway, I HAVE to tell this story in detail to you all! So here it is:

It all started on Tuesday morning around 4 am. I heard this horrible noise coming from an animal. Like a weird clicking-shrieking sound. I know, my perverse mind automatically assumed that it was raccoons mating. BUT- it wasn’t! (Which I will get to a little later.) So, Tuesday morning at 4 am, I woke up angrily to this sound because I wanted to be asleep but the noise woke me up. I knew it was a raccoon because I constantly hear them in my backyard talking in their little animal language, and fighting eachother! I never heard this noise, so I assumed it was some sort of mating call. I tried to block it out and eventually fell back asleep- only to wake up two hours later because of the SAME sound. My thought was pretty much, “Wow. They are still at it. Sheesh.” Around 8 am, the “mating call” stopped. Tuesday morning, and afternoon were peaceful. I stayed up doing things until around 11:30 pm last night when I decided to lay down.

The noise CAME BACK! I was so angry that the raccoons decided to mate again at the exact same time I was laying down!!!!!!!!!! I angrily tossed and turned all night trying to drown out the noise by covering my head with pillows. It didn’t work. I stayed up all night because of this noise. At around 6:15 am, I saw it got a little lighter out so I just said “Screw it! I get no sleep.” And I got up. The noise STILL PROCEEDED. At this point I just knew it couldn’t be raccoons mating, because at this point this would need to be recorded in the Guinness World Record book for “Longest Time Having Sex.” So I looked out my window and what do I see……………………

A raccoon splashing around in my pool and this noise was him crying! My heart instantly dropped! This poor raccoon was crying all night for two days because he was stuck inside my pool, with about 3 feet of water, and couldn’t climb back out! He was probably so weak from being cold, and possibly hurt from the fall into it. I began to panic because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Nobody in my house was awake yet, and raccoons are rabid! How could I get near the little guy without him thinking I wanted to hurt him!?

The first thing I did was call Animal Control at 6:30 am to see what I should do- which isn’t open 24/7 I found out. What? Dumb! Does anybody find this weird and alarming besides me? No answer. So I went to my backyard and looked at the poor little guy and I said, “I am going to get you out!”

So, I called my neighbor Anthony and he came over and we used fantastic teamwork to get him out. We threw a plastic large board in the pool, and the raccoon quickly swam over to it and climbed on. He must have been so exhausted that he laid on the board for a few minutes all curled up.  He fell off a few times but got back on. My mom was then up at this point from the action and came out with a towel so that the raccoon could possibly grab onto and climb out. It took a while for him to realize what he should do but finally he got the picture! IMG_0467-1He started climbing up the towel which was wedged between a two wood logs. The towel began slipping at one point because of his weight pulling on it and I got so scared he was going to drop back into the water so I got our pool stick net (which wasn’t deep enough to capture him in obviously or we would have done this in the first place haha) and pushed down on the towel. The raccoon grabbed onto the net that I was holding and surprisingly he was super heavy!  His weight from him clawing onto the net almost made me let go and drop the net and him back into the pool but my heart just started beating so fast because I definitely did not want that to happen. So, with all my might- I yanked the net up so fast and he flung up onto the deck of my pool and shook off the water from his fur. YAY! By 7:55 am…..

We saved a life! I was so worried he was going to drown or freeze to death. I feel so happy and proud that we worked together to save his little life. ♥ I think he was thankful, too. I hope he is okay now and returned to his family safe. And then maybe he told them in his little language that he was saved by the nice humans so maybe they shouldn’t rip into our garbage bags anymore because we aren’t that bad. 🙂 The End!

Onto more delicious things:
IMG_0490-1Today after class and my Echocardiography scanning class at Beth Israel Hospital I felt totally drained and in need of a sugar rush so I took myself to Ferrara’s Bakery and Cafe in Little Italy. I should treat myself sometimes right?

One word……. AMAZING. I was really in the mood for a milkshake but ended up getting gelato instead which was great. I got the chocolate and pistachio. Yum!

I heard about this place because apparently it is super famous in NYC (How could I not know this when this is where I am from?) and because one of my classmates from school works here.
Can somebody please get me this large cannoli filled with one hundred baby caFullSizeRender-2nnoli’s for my birthday? I would really appreciate this greatly. Thank you! Everything here looked super delicious and I wanted to buy so much.FullSizeRender I ended up also getting two rainbow cookies because these are my absolute favorite cookies in the entire world! I appreciated the cute little packing very much!  I also took a picture of theseFullSizeRender-1 adorable little pastries with bees on them because soon I would like to go back there with my boyfriend Chris and figure out what deliciousness is inside of these! That’s all for now 🙂

Thanks for reading. Hope you were entertained by my story!



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