The Girl With 700 Blank Notebooks

IMG_0692.JPGIs this anybody else’s problem? I absolutely love buying new notebooks. It is one of my favorite things to purchase, actually.
Whenever I go into Target or Michaels… I know I shouldn’t buy one but it’s like they are calling me. 

Tiny notebooks.                     Colorful notebooks.
Large notebooks.                   Plain notebooks.
Thin notebooks.                     Lined notebooks.
Thick notebooks.                   Unlined notebooks.

They are so pretty, and full of possibilities.
I can fill it to capacity with anything I want to…….
Ideas, thoughts, plans, goals, pictures, poems, questions, drawings.

But I leave them blank.

I feel like I will be writing something in one and think, “Wait this notebook could have been used for something so much more creative and better!”

This is the one I bought today and it has such an awesome feel and I want to put to good use but I don’t know what to use it for!

Ugh. Struggles! What do you fill your notebooks with? 

Thanks for reading.


Find out what I did with this beautiful notebook here:
Click me, click me!





8 thoughts on “The Girl With 700 Blank Notebooks

    1. Lol! Enabling each others addiction! Are you trying to make me go broke? A friend would stop me! (Haha kidding!) Yes, I had so many! It became so overwhelming that I had to stop while I was in school- but I would get little gifts, stamps, stickers, tea, and candy from all over the world sent to me.

      Luna is actually not inspired by Harry Potter! (Though I do enjoy Harry Potter.) I actually was planning to write a post about it soon because I was sure people would start to ask at some point.

      Just to not give to much away before I post about it- I just feel very connected to the moon, and always have felt this attraction and somewhat obsession with it. So I named myself after our lovely moon. The End! 🙂 Hah!

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    1. Ha ha ha! I used to stock up even more so than now when I took up pen-pal writing with 30+ people in tons of different countries. Think about how much stationary that was… I think that was when I realized my problem! Lol!

      I think we need too….”Luna & Sassy’s Stationery Anonymous” (Ha!) ….but the addiction is just too good…. I don’t know if I am ready to let it go! Ahh!

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  1. NOOOOOOOO, your not the only one! I have that same problem. I love journals, notebooks, markers, sharpies, and crayons. I was just about to post something about my notebook obsession the other day. I had tons of them! I had to get rid of the majority of them before I moved. I don’t write in most of them because I feel the same way. If I have to decide between food and a journal. I’m definitely going with the journal and eating whatever is left in the fridge. I cant pass up a good journal!


      1. I’m so happy. I’m not alone! lol I’m still trying to figure out what to write in my little gold journal I bought from Target! I thought about using it to store my favorite recipes or notes on how to start my business, but I’m still unsure. lol


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