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The Cup

I was planning on writing a post about the unfortunate events occurring around the world with this blog entry, but I actually believe that that topic IMG_0722deserves a post all on it’s own.

So, I will be blogging about that soon. (Click here to read it!) As for todays’ post, it will be a little look on what my life has been up to lately in general. From thoughts, ideas, things I have done, to dreams, ect!

Yesterday… I had class, where I took an Abdominal Sonography on pathology in the Pancreas and Gallbladder. That exam wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t too difficult. It was right in the middle. Prior to that exam, I had scanning lab with my group of 3 other girls and we scanned one other as per every Monday. We also moved onto Trans-abdominally scanning the ovaries and uterus yesterday.

I was pretty happy because one of my other Abdominal Sono classes has already ended so I no longer have to stay late on Mondays for that class! I got home around 3:40 pm yesterday which is amazing! I usually get home around 6-7pm or later every day! Of course I said I was going to be productive and study Echo and go to a yoga class but that didn’t happen. Instead I started changing the theme on my blog to be more user friendly… I think I did a good job! I like the change!

At around 6:45 pm, my friend Camille and I went to this little coffee shop called “The Cup” in Wantagh, NY. I linked it there for anybody who wants to visit! It was my first time there. It was a cute place. Dark, and cozy atmosphere. There are couches, and a few tables. My favorite was the table that was actually an old Pac-Man arcade game. You could use it while you sat down! The only thing that was a little lame was that you couldn’t sit on the couches because they were “reserved” for somebody who called ahead! What do you even say to do that? “Hi I am coming with five friends. Please reserve me the couch at 8 pm.” Like any cafe, it was a little bit expensive. I got a Rainbow Cookie Cake (see, even last week I got Rainbow cookie’s at Ferrara’s! I love Rainbow Cookies!) as Camille suggested. I also got hot Apple Cider because this is actually my newest obsession. I want it all year round. I am like the girls who are obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Latte’s-but switch it out for Apple Cider. I can have it every day and not get sick of it. Isn’t Camille so cute?

On to today, I am actually quite bummed out. I heard Adele is going to be performing in NYC tonight in Rockefeller Center. I would have loved to go see her- but there will be other times. Today my day was like this:

  • Snoozed my alarm for an hour (this is a Tuesday tradition, ha-ha)
  • Wrote down my dream (apparently I have a vivid dream every Monday night, awesome!) which was very short and basic- I was running in the rain, not from anything- I was going for a jog. After a few minutes of running, I was face to face with a poodle. (weird) and  then the owner came and got the dog. The End!
  • Looked up the meaning of “running” and “dogs” in dreams
  • Running alone in a dream can mean that you are motivated and determined to reach a certain goal.  You are finding success in the pursuit of your goal and rising above those you know around you.  It may also mean that you will attain great success in life, whether from wealth, health or social status.” (Dream Interpretation Website)
  • “To see a dog in your dream symbolizes loyalty, intuition, protection and trust. A dog can symbolize those qualities inside of you or someone  around you who is loyal to a fault.” Ok, cool! Nothing alarming!
  • Used the notebook I got yesterday to start my lessons in French!
    I am super excited. I started once before on a language learning website called Duolingo (really good and simplified!) where I was actually getting quite good, but stopped. So now I am going to get really into it this time, hopefully. Ha-ha.
  • Studied some for an Echocardiography exam I have on Thursday. Yikes!
  • Currently, I shouldn’t be blogging because I misplaced by keys and I need to go look for them ASAP but I just couldn’t let you guys down with my boring little life update. :p

That’s all for now. Got to go look for my keys!
Thanks for reading!



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