What is the World Coming To?

IMG_0728-0I fear writing about political or governmental issues because of the sole fact that I just don’t know everything. Not in the sense that I am uneducated or out of the loop- it is just that we simply don’t ever know the entire truth behind most things. I don’t like to get into debates. I don’t like to offend people. I don’t like to step on anybody’s toes. I don’t want to say things that will hurt people. I am incredibly emotional, and when I feel strongly about an opinion I have it is difficult for me to know when to stop. There are also a ton of different sides to issues, or events occurring around the world. A ton of different opinions and portrayals on news channels, or articles. We just never know, and I don’t want to spread false facts.

I write about emotion. I write about feelings.

I write about feelings because this is what I do know. I know my heart, and I know how I feel. My feelings and emotions are sacred to me because not one person can tell me they are wrong. You can tell me that my views on abortion/immigration/gun rights/LGBT rights are wrong. You can tell me I am pronouncing your name wrong, or that I got a question on an exam wrong- but I will never allow someone to tell me that my emotions are wrong.

Some may say it is safe, or ignorant of me to avoid the facts. I don’t. And, it isn’t “safe” to take this route of writing; many are so afraid to express their feelings or emotions that they just stick to hardcore fact. I like to think I can incorporate both into my writing.

But the fact is, I just don’t know all the facts. So, I am not going to post about what I think about letting refugee’s into the US, Obama’s choices, Paris’ choice to fight back, or anything of that matter.

Because I don’t KNOW what I think, honestly. And, truth of the matter is- I am not completely educated on these issues, besides the things I have picked up on social media, a few articles, and a few news clips. I am okay with admitting that, and I think many should probably do the same.

We don’t know everything, and the government will never let us know everything so I think that we should stop trying to think we know the answer to every government issue, and start trying to fix humanity one small step at a time. 

With that being said;

What Can We Do To Fix Things?

 This past week has been quite a shake up on Mother Earth. For anyone out of the loop here are some things that have happened:

I don’t know about anyone else but I really didn’t know WHAT to say when I found out about everything. So many thoughts run through my brain and nothing comes out when it comes the things that truly shock me. This is when my feelings are at their most overwhelming level. At this moment- only questions came to my mind:

  • “What is the world coming to?”
  • “Am I/my loved ones in danger?”
  • “Why does society discriminate other races based on a crime that only a small fraction of their race committed?”
  • “How do others think that discrimination will actually help?”
  • “Why do people kill other innocent human beings?”
  • “Why did people have to die to get a message spread? Why did people have to suffer?”
  • “Instead of “praying” can we do something bigger? Better?”
  • “What does this level of violence against other human beings say about us as a race?”
  • “Is there something wrong with the way we cover tragedies?”
  • “Is there something wrong with us?”
  • “Will I always live in fear?”
  • “How can I help?”

After finding out the events of this past week, these were the questions that came to my head. What I have witnessed in the aftermath of these events is that society is very quick to put the blame on others. Here are some Facebook statuses I read by people that I actually know:

“It’s the Liberals’ fault this is happening. Obama don’t know what the f*ck he is doing. Let’s end this, and nuke the animals (Edit: Referring to ISIS) in the desert.”

“Obama is a terrorist. He is looking out for the Muslims.”

“Donald Trump never stops saying stupid sh*t. Guns are the reasons things are out of control right now.”

Whatever the excuse, it says a lot about us that we are so quick to blame others. Take a second and think- is blaming one another actually helping? Did playing the blame game ever end the fight between you and your spouse, or your friend?

Instead of pointing fingers at Muslims, Obama, Trump, Liberals, Republicans, news anchors, and/or refugees– why don’t we start by looking at ourselves and what we can do to make these situations better?

Instead of dropping more bombs on other countries, killing people who could actually be innocent children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, why don’t we see what else we can do to keep the situation civil?

Instead of putting one tragedy on a higher pedestal than another, why don’t we treat all tragedies equally?

If we focused on these things, perhaps change could be possible without losing any more innocent lives.

I am not naïve and I know that not all problems are solved over night nor will some people agree with what I have to say here. Many people might find my questions and hopes for humanity to be foolish and child-like- but, really, they are not.

I am an intelligent 20 year old way beyond her years. What I have though, that many don’t anymore is compassion.

I know that there are evil people out there, and I get angry that everyday innocent lives are taken by their hands. But what I also know is that evil has never chased out evil- it only made it worse.

“If evil people had known what it was to feel love, they would not have killed in the first place. The antidote to hatred and violence is never more hatred and violence. The antidote is love.” –Anita Moorjani

There’s already enough hate in the world; trying peace for a change could actually help push the world spinning back in the right direction. The world in undoubtably a scary place; where we are unfortunately forced to fear our lives every day because of natural causes, or cruel humans- but are we really going to drive away hate and violence with more hate and violence?  We cannot expect Mother Earth to protect us, if we don’t protect her.

May the souls we lost this past week, and that we do everyday cruelly by the hands of another human being, or a natural disaster- may you all rest in peace.

This is nothing more than food for thought. Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

As always, thanks so much for reading.



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