Avoiding the “After-Thanksgiving-Diet Trend” in 10 steps.

Happy Leftovers Day! Hope everyones Thanksgiving was great, full of love, memories and yummy food. If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, it was lovely and you might have had a table full of meat and vegetables but mostly carbs…..carbs…….carbs. Which left you saying, “Tomorrow begins my diet.” Heres what I have got to say about that………

All of my life I have struggled with my weight. As a teenager until my twenties (being a short 5 feet and 1 inch tall)- I reached my lowest weight, 115 pounds and highest weight, 140 pounds. I fluctuated all of my teenage years trying diet after diet, and fad after fad. Here is what you need to know about weight loss and that “diet” you’re trying to take.

1. Don’t look at the number. 
This is the number one thing I had to learn. The number on the scale doesn’t mean a thing. Fat isn’t the only thing that contributes to weight. Muscle does, too! You can be completely healthy despite the number of pounds you weigh. As long as your weight isn’t keeping you from being physical and isn’t making you sick- you’re a-okay!

2. You can’t change everything. 
Somethings you just have to learn to love. You cannot change the body type you have because that is all just part of your DNA. You can lose some body fat but the shape of your body, the length of your legs and arms, and the stretch marks you have are all natural and there to stay. Learn to love them!

3. Don’t fall for the fad. 
I did! Juice Cleansing sounds like a lovely quick fix right? Well, it is. But that’s all it is. A quick fix and then it says adios! Juice Cleansing did help me lose 5 pounds in a week, but seriously- how unhealthy does that sound? And guess what happened the next few weeks when I went back to eating? You guessed it! I gained all five pounds back. Meal Replacement shakes/bars, juice cleanses and diets are all just fads that’ll help you lose weight for a short time and gain it right back and maybe even more! This isn’t the healthy route and it won’t leave you feeling healthier and happier in the long run. Which is the goal right?

4. If you want to lose weight, do it NOW. 
Time for me to get science-y! I’m a heath science student, what do you expect? Did you know that everyday that we are living, the rate of our metabolism gets slower………and  slower………..and slower. This means that everyday is gets harder for you to lose that couple of pounds you have been meaning to lose! Start moving!

5. Giving up carbs won’t help you lose weight. 
Yet another silly thing I tried to do which left me majorly “hangry” (Hungry & Angry). If you love fresh fruit, bread, and pasta like me……. this will only make you completely miserable. If you want to lose weight, you have to be active! And carbs give us that source of energy we need to be active. It’s our fuel! Instead of cutting out a completely part of the food chart- choose the right carbs. Starchy vegetables, and whole grains will give you energy, and fiber which helps you feel more full.

6. Sleep. 
You don’t have to tell me twice! Sleeping seven to eight hours a night will help keep your appetite in it’s place! All nighters, and early mornings up mess up your metabolism and hormones the next day- leading you to eating high carbs and sugary foods for more energy to push you through the day.

7. The gym isn’t going to cut it.
In order to see a change, you have to make a change in all areas of your life. Your mind has to change, as well as your diet. You have to change your mindset. Every day, wake up and say “I am healthier. I am happier.” instead of “I will never be happy with how I look.” “I hate my body weight.” It is often said that the negative thoughts you put out, are what you become. Be positive! Also, no matter how many hours you spend at the gym- if you leave and eat Chipotle and Frozen Yogurt with fudge, gummy bears and oreo crumbles, you will never lose weight. Calories are much faster consumed, than they are burned. Instead, eat chicken with salad or vegetables.

8. Obviously, stop drinking. 
This one doesn’t really pertain to my life because I do not drink but if you do often- and you’ve seen a spike in your weight (which you should)- it might be time to put your lucky Las Vegas shot glass down, and store the wine glasses higher up in the cabinets. Alcohol is FULL of calories and all those drinks just add up all night long.

9. You don’t need to belong to a gym! 
Yay for saving 25 bucks a month. You can work out right in your very living room! The most weight I ever lost was doing work out videos right in my living room! Woo-hoo to staying at home looking like a sweaty mess instead of in public! There are tons of videos on YouTube that are put up (even by the trainers of the Victoria Secret Angels- HELLO!!!!!!!) to help you work out in your house! So dump that “I Don’t Have Money  To Join A Gym Excuse.” and get to it!

10. Change exercises.
At this point in my blog post, I hope you have realized dieting doesn’t work- but working out that body does! If you’re ready to start working out don’t stick to the same routine. Not only will you get bored- but so will your muscles! Doing the same workout everyday will eventually make your body reach plateau. The more you vary your workouts, the more progress you’re likely to see.

Have any tips of your own? I would love to hear about them in the comment box below! Now I am off to eat some Pumpkin Pie……kidding….sort of……. Have a great Friday!



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