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Writing Challenge Day 1: Happiness

Happy December!

This is actually one of my least favorite months because I don’t really like the cold, or the rush of the holidays. I wish it were more relaxed! Also…. finals. Ugh. The worst!

In other news, I just finished up my Thanksgiving break. My first break since the summer- yay! Overall, it was nice and relaxing besides the fact that I got a pretty bad cold. My plan was to blog a couple times during the break because I had some time but I ended up feeling too sick to focus on a post. Hope you all didn’t forget about me! Today I think I am just going to relax with some tea and blankets because my throat is bugging me.

Also! I decided to partake in a “30 Day Challenge Post” ever since I saw a fellow blogger, Julieuhh, doing it….. and since today is the first of December- it is a perfect day to start.

So here it goes!  

    Day 1: Ten Things That Make Me REALLY Happy. 
(In no particular order)

  1. Spending quality time with my family, friends, and boyfriend.
  2. The feeling of the sun on my skin.
  3. My toes in the sand.
  4. A warm shower.
  5. Meeting really polite and positive people.
  6. Unexpected phone calls, or texts.
  7. Good grades.
  8. Finding new crystals.
  9. Feeling appreciated.
  10. Traveling.

But there is so much more and I was struggling to only list 10!

Fresh fruit, Elephants, thai food, learning new things, writing, bunnies, coffee dates, babies, hot chocolate on a rainy day, finding new music, amusement parks, going to museums, new journals, Daisys, playing Mario Kart Wii, yoga, accomplishing goals, finding old pictures, remembering an old memory, reconnecting with old friends/family, candles, laying in bed after a long day, a good book- I could go on forever- but there you go!

What makes YOU happy?
Thanks for reading!



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