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Day 2: A Memorable Comment.

As I explained yesterday, I am participating in a Writing Challenge which I posted about here.

The prompt for Day 2 is, “Write about something that somebody told you about yourself that you never forget.”

I had a really hard time with this post. I couldn’t seem to think about anything. People have told me tons of things in my life about myself from good to bad. There just wasn’t really anything that stood out to me that has ever totally affected me.

I think the most memorable thing that just a few people have ever told me was that
I am intelligent. All my life, I knew that I was a good student. Good at memorizing, and getting teachers to like me- but I never, and still usually don’t feel like I am really all that smart. I doubt myself often, and am very critical of myself. I have a hard time memorizing things- and still as a junior in college- I still haven’t found an effective study habit for myself! Random facts stick in my head, and I am not an excellent test taker. So when people remind me of where I am now, in the medical field, and how I work so hard and got where I am because of my intelligence– I feel beyond happy. I never forget the people who tell me this. It makes me feel accomplished, and just very happy.

Yes! You tell ’em Christina Yang!

Plenty of people have told me I am beautiful, positive, caring and kind. And then there were people that have of course said not so nice things about me (but those I just choose to forget ;)) But complimenting and recognizing my intelligence is one of the best, and most memorable things anybody could ever say to me.

What is something that somebody told you, that you haven’t forgotten?
As always, thanks for reading!



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