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Day 3: Pet Peeves.

The challenge for Day 3 is, “Your Top 3 Pet Peeves.”
I have a man-on-phone-ignoring-woman-shutterstock-350px.jpgfeeling this might offend some people, so I am apologize in advance- but then again… if the shoe fits… maybe reconsider your habits? :’)

I am just going to write about the first three that pop into my head in any order.

  1. Know-It-Alls & Show Offs
    I’m pretty sure this annoys almost anybody. Nobody likes this person. Don’t be this person. What bothers me the most is the know-it-alls who make you feel inferior to them, or like your question or comment is dumb. Not cool, man. Bye!
  2. The “overly sarcastic-tough-love” Personality Type.
    This is probably one of my top worst peeves ever. I get that it’s in some peoples’ upbringing that molds them to be this way- but I can’t stand it. First of all, sarcasm is just rude at a point. One joke now and then is tolerable but when you’re constantly doing this- expect me to not want to be around you. Then if you’re one of those people who are just so unwilling to show you any affection on top of being sarcastic (which usually how it is) is beyond annoying.Maybe it’s because I’m an emotional person- but as a friend, family member, or significant other- I want to feel appreciated and loved. And these type of people make me feel pretty disposable! It’s ok to give tough love- but when you don’t make someone feel loved and appreciated by you- why would they stick around? A nice sentence or two once in a while goes a long way.
  3. People who text/ignore you while you’re talking to them.
    Uhm! Hello?! This is self explanatory. If you want me to pay attention to you- you pay attention to me! Pretty much any type of “ignoring” bothers me. Oh how about this– when people ignore my texts and text back five hundred hours later, or with a lame “lol” or “idk” drives me off the edge. Or what about the people who text you a second after you call them? Thanks for totally letting me know you ignored my call because you’re basically scared to talk on the phone. If you’re this type of person- stop. Now. Please.

Wow, this post felt super b*tchy! But felt good to let out. Hah! What are your pet peeves? Thanks for reading!



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