A Breath of Fresh Air

Today was indeed that. Though I worked all day- I felt so relaxed! I shouldn’t feel as stress-free as I do now because these upcoming three weeks are going to be insane… (Finals!!!!! Ahh!) But today I woke up and for the first time in a long time I felt… calm.

When my 8:00 am alarm went off, I looked at it and pressed snooze for AN HOUR without a thought. (Who am I?!) Usually when I snooze my alarm, I lay there for three minutes thinking, “No. I have to get up. I can’t lay here. I need to get up and get ready.” and then I get up. But today, nope! I slept a whole extra hour.

I took my time getting ready and then seriously sat down to watch “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on my DVR (which is basically a collection of recorded shows I will never get to watch but still record anyway). After I finished my episode- get this- I READ A CHAPTER OF A BOOK. A fiction book. Not a freaking textbook! I read for ENTERTAINMENT. Ugh. It felt so good to read words that weren’t facts or measurements or diseases.

I then went to work. At work I am usually really stressed out on the inside. Not because of my job (which is completely amazing! Hi co-workers! They read this. 😉) but just because during work I am usually thinking about how I should be studying- but not today! Today I didn’t think about it at all.

After work- my mom, my grandma, and I went to Michaels Craft Store and Target. My two favorite places in the world! We shopped and took our time looking around for christmas presents. (Another shocker because on a normal day I would go straight home after work to study!)  My grandma got me this totally adorable Marquee letter “A” for my room from Michaels. I love this! On the left is a photo of it unlit, and the photo on the right is the A lit up in the dark. Image-1.jpg

Now, I am home in my pajamas right now, eating a brownie and blogging- NOT STUDYING. Hallelujah! I feel so peaceful right now!

This “Breath Of Fresh Air” day was really nice and needed- but now I need to snap back into reality (tomorrow) because finals are coming up and I need to do spectacular on them! And, I also see my textbooks out of the corner of my eye right now staring me down saying, “Alyssa. You better read me!” I will, I will. Sheesh. 

Hope your day was just as grand! Bye guys!



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