A Sweet Saturday.

Before I went to work yesterday, I visited this adorable boutique called, ReCreate U. It’s such a cute place and the owner, Rachel, is beyond sweet. They sell various little gift items such as candles, lotions, frames, household items, and jewelry. They also gift wrap! I got this amazing smelling candle there and I am obsessed with it. If you’re interested, the online store is here, and if you sign up you get 10% off of your first purchase! IMG_1591.JPG

Yesterday at work people shuffled in and out of the little metaphysical boutique I work at buying a variety of things such angels, trinket boxes, crystals, buddha statues, jewelry, and candles for their loved ones. I love this time of the year at my job. It’s incredibly busy but I enjoy the appreciation I feel when I help find someone the perfect gift, the smile on their face when they see the beautiful wrapping we do, and sound of the chatter of the holidays plans between friends holding mugs, wearing huge scarves, and shopping.

Around night time it died down, and I was pricing some crystals that came iIMG_1615.JPGn the mail and stumbled upon this amazing Tektite stone. It just so happened to be in the shape of a crescent moon and I just had to have it.  How perfect right? Tektite stones are formed by the impact of meteorites that hit Earth. Tektite is known for raising ones vibrations and strengthening the aura. It is the perfect stone for anyone who is trying to advance spiritually. Tektite can also activate and enhance ones’ psychic abilities, and help with lucid dreaming, and astral travel.

After work, my family, Chris and I spent some time together eating dinner and then continued the tradition of decorating the tree all together. This is Chris’ 3rd year being apart of our tradition. Unfortunately my brother is away at college so he couldn’t participate this year. (We miss you, Sal!) But, my grandma is here from Puerto Rico for the first time in a long time and was able to join in on decorating this year.

Today, Sunday, Chris and I became nostalgic as this is our third Christmas together and started looked at a box of our tickets, receipts, cards, photo booth pictures and other fun things we saved over the course of our relationship. We found tons of things we completely forgot about- including the ticket to our senior prom, a Hamlet ticket, and Chris’ first time at Chipotle receipt.  I also found my first ever crystals hiding in there from when I was a kid (before I knew about what they stand for!). Most of them are just dyed agates, and quartz. But I did have a Picture Jasper, and a Rose Quartz among them!

Now I am off to give this little cutie, Isabella, some more hugs.
Hope your Sunday is sweet. Xo!



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