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Day 5: Five Places to Travel.

Todays challenge is to list five places that I would love to visit. As a person11923196_1674570519440212_6976831377813187826_n who has a thirst for traveling and adventure five is a joke! I want to travel the entire world! So far I have only traveled outside the country once to Costa Rica (That is me in Costa Rica with a wild monkey on the beach!) and have been to Puerto Rico countless times, as this is where my family is from. But my top five would have to be….

  1. ThailandAsia_Thailand_BKK_Bangkok_Floating_Market2.jpg
    This is my dream destination and where I would probably like to go on my honey moon! I have always wanted to visit the elephant sanctuaries and donate my time feeding them, and bathing them. You even have an opportunity to bring them into the ocean and swim with them! The look of the little markets on the street, (they even have a floating market!) and hearing about the friendly people there make me want to book my flight there now._
  2. cq5dam.web.1280.1280Bora Bora 
    Literally- I would drop everything and move here right now. Just this photo makes me feel peaceful. The picture of this infamous resort is where Kim Kardashian had a meltdown after dropping her $75,000 diamond earrings in the ocean. This is also where Justin Bieber stayed when the papparazi got a picture of him nudie. I won’t link that. You can do your digging! Hah! So, of course this place is a FORTUNE for a night- but hey- a girl can dream! :)_
  3. Africadsc07581
    This place blows my mind! I want to volunteer. I want to see a wild safari. I want to donate my time in the medical field here. I want to help. I want to be immersed in this completely different country from the United States. When I go to Africa- I would probably like to stay a month. I want to visit all over. Go to the Rwanda rainforest and see wild gorillas, visit Egypt, climb mountains. Ugh, one day, you guys! You’ll see!_
  4. 690x380-Hawaii-TurtleHawaii
    Who DOESN’T want to go to Hawaii? I think of Hawaii and I think of pure relaxation. I want to wear a lei on the beach drinking from a coconut with a bonfire in front of me. Whose with me?!_
  5. Amsterdam
    Honestly what makes me want to visit Amsterdam is really the fact that the people from Amsterdam ride bikes everywhere- and I love imageriding bikes. It just looks so dreamy with the look of their buildings and stores.  I would take a little ride on the canal and visit their famous “Secret Garden.”

What are your dream locations? Have you ever been to these places! Comment below!  Thanks for reading!



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