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Day 6: How to Win My Heart. 

Day 6’s prompt is: “Five Ways to Win Your Heart.” This is top secret information that I usually don’t share…… so here it goes… the cheat sheet to my heart (as a partner or a friend!)

  1. Words of Affirmation: If you have never heard of the “Love Languages” you should really check this out, take the quiz and figure out yours. My lovely friend Karla showed me this and it makes total sense, and makes understanding yourself and others so much easier. Everyone loves differently and

    this is my number one love language. I feel the most love by words of appreciation. Telling me I am special, and beautiful, smart, a great person/girlfriend/friend, or just that I am appreciated will ultimately win me over.~
  2. Trying: Another thing I like is when someone tries to get your attention and then continues to try to keep it. I think that most people get comfortable in relationships and don’t realize that they have to keep trying to keep the magic alive. The other partner or friend should always feel that they’re special in the your life, as well as important and loved. (Instead of assuming they already do!)~
  3. Trust and honesty: This is a no brainer! Key to winning my heart whether romantically or as a friend- you have to be truthful. Nobody likes a liar. I’m a very honest person and I only want honest people in my life. If you make me feel like I can trust you (and you don’t ruin it)- you’re good to go! In relationship-land it is important to me that you’re a friend before my boyfriend. Not necessarily that we had to be friends prior. What I mean is that I should feel that you’re my best friend (so that I can tell you things) and not just my boyfriend.~
  4. Discussion: I love deep conversations. I love discussion and debating. Telling stories, sharing opinions or ideas, making jokes… I love being able to vibe well through conversation with people! How else could you attract my attention and keep it? Looks only go so far! If I can’t sit with a person for an hour over coffee without conversation flowing- it just won’t work out! Friendship or relationship!~
  5. Intelligence & Motivation: I like to surround myself with smart and motivated people. What you surround yourself with- you become. I don’t have any friends who are slacking in life, or do drugs or party all weekend. I like to be friends with people like me. One of the reasons I fell for Chris in the first place was purely on the fact that he was so smart and so driven in school. It’s very attractive to me when people are intelligent, have goals and know some of the things they want in their life.~Bonus! 
  6. Be interested in what I am interested in: A lot of things that I like are not normal things that people like in my generation. If you show interest in my hobbies, my likes, my ideas, my major, my life… it makes all the difference. Some of my friends and family don’t really understand the metaphysics behind crystals and why I collect them- but they also don’t put me down for it and call me silly. You don’t have to believe what I believe but just as long as you show interest and support me- you’re one ahead of the game. 🙂

I want to know what wins you over! Comment below, and as always thanks a bunch for reading!




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