So Close To The Finish Line

Five class days left…
Four finals left…
Fifteen days left until my semester is finally over…

I can do this, I can do this. I can……..this… as I sit here watching Taken 1 & 2 with my grandma.
I never realized how scary this movie really is. I am actually shaking! Shealso showed me this cool picture of her 41 years ago in 1975! Tomorrow she is getting surgery and I am nervous. Maybe that’s why I feel a lot of anxiety today. Please keep your positive thoughts with her today and tomorrow!IMG_1716

Yesterday was my little brothers band concert at the high school that I also once attended. They are an impressive little bunch! In middle and high school I was never apart of the band or orchestra, so I never saw how much work it takes to put on a good performance! My little brother plays the trumpet so he was further in the back. Afterwards, I took my mom, grandma, and brother to Carvel for some ice-cream. 🙂

I really didn’t do all that much today… after my grandma and I finished watching Taken- I took my little brother to the mall so he could do his Christmas shopping for the family and now I am back here typing this up realizing my life these past few days hasn’t really been all that interesting!

I guess all thats happening is my wait until the end of the semester… so close yet so far away……

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!



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