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Day 11: What If…

The prompt for the Writing Challenge Day 11 is “Things I Think What If… About”

  • What if … I could see the future? 
    Would I change what I am doing right now? Will I have the same friends? Would I look the same? Will I graduate? Will I be living in New York still? Would I be on the same path I am now?
  • What if … I could have one last day with my dad? 
    I would tell him that I love him. Could I try to help him? Prolong his life? I would try and give him the most fun, and pain-free day ever. I wouldn’t leave his side for one second.
  • What if … I could teleport!
    This is my dream magical power. I would want to go everywhere. I would teleport to school, to my friends house, to other countries, to the past if possible?! 

  • What if … peace was possible? 
    Imagine a world with no fighting, no wars, no debates, no politics, no cursing, no murdering, no evil…. just for one day. 
  • What if … I had more confidence?
    I feel like life would be a lot easier if I was more confident in myself. I wouldn’t doubt myself, or critique myself so often. If I was my biggest fan things would be a lot easier- but I am trying.
  • What if … I was a Kardashian/Jenner?
    I know this is the dumbest “what if” ever. But, I am willing to bet tons of money that every girl has wondered this at least once. You would be filthy rich, and probably have a huge butt (whether real or not). Would I be the same person? Would I still have my personality? Or would I be a little rich snob? Would I put my money to good use, donating and such? Or would I buy a mansion for myself at 17 years old… (Kylie Jenner sub) I like to think I would be myself, but who knows what all that fame does to you.

  • What if … human trafficking would end?
    Oh what a day… I would cry tears of joy. I would be the happiest person knowing all the monsters who kidnapped these people and forced them to be slaves were all put away and could never do it again.
  • What if … if Donald Trump becomes president? 
    I recently started thinking about this and honestly, it’s just a scary, scary thought that worries me. While I know he definitely won’t get NY electoral vote- I am worried some people might actually think having him as president would be seriously more than .00000001% beneficial.
  • What if … racism/homophobia didn’t exist? 
    Recently near my college I saw a group of pre-schoolers with their teacher walking to a nearby park. They were walking with “buddies.” (This is what we called it in my pre-school). You choose a buddy and you hold their hand while walking so nobody gets separated. There was a little white skinned boy, and a little dark skinned boy holding hands since they were each others buddy. I said to my friend, “See how innocent it is when you’re a child? You don’t know hate. You don’t know racism. You don’t see color. You don’t even see holding hands with another boy being “gay” or “gross” It is all just so innocent.” Imagine we could just continue that thought? Instead we are taught, and learn this hate.
  • What if … I never went to college?
    I took a risk only applying to one college at the end of my senior year in high school. There was no where else I really wanted to go. I didn’t want to go away to school, and there weren’t many other choices for me for the major I wanted to pursue. So, I just applying to one college- and upon their acceptance- I cried tears of joy. I didn’t doubt my ability to get in- but I was nervous! I often think about what if I hadn’t been accepted. What would I be doing right now? Would I change my major, and go somewhere else? Would I be working somewhere? Who knows?
  • What if … Aliens exist?
    THEY DO. But I want proof! Show me yourselves! Dear government, please let us know! We want to know! I’m tired of watching documentaries wondering, wondering, wondering. I do believe, but as a natural skeptic- I want cold hard proof. Give it to me! I can handle it!

This is all I can think of right now, though I am sure I have way more. That’s all for now. 🙂


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