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Day 12: Five Blessings

I knew I would fall behind! But it took until Day 12 of this writing challenge for me to miss a day. Usually with these type of things- that is quite impressive for me. I figured I would do this challenge after work yesterday, but out of the blue- my friend Camille, and I drove out to see the Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. If you live anywhere near the city, Brooklyn, Long Island, or Queens- definitely go! Spontaneous adventures are my favorite. Well, on to todays challenge!

Day 12: Write about five blessings your life. 
(Prepare for the cheesiness!)

What if, what if.....- (1)
1. My parents
I am one of the lucky kids who got blessed with parents that actually care for me. They taught me morals. They taught me right from wrong. They taught me manners, and how to be a good adult the best they could. (And, I am pretty awesome now- so, they did a good job in my opinion. ;)) They always did everything possible to make me happy without making me a little spoiled brat. I was truly blessed with two great people to raise me, despite their flaws. Even though I now only have my mom, I still feel blessed to have had my dad for the time I did. Now my mom works extra hard to be two parents to me and my siblings, and I appreciate her more than anything in my life!

2. My siblings
As a youngster, my little brothers annoyed the crap out of me. (They still do sometimes). I also have a sister who is about ten years old than me! But now that we are all a little bit older, my appreciation for these people I am stuck with for life (haha) has grown and I am happy to have these people in my life that can’t get rid of me even if they tried. 😉 I am very protective of my siblings, and I think that goes to show that I have some great siblings that are very much worth fighting for. I also have been blessed by my sister having a beautiful baby girl, Giuliana, who is my first ever niece, and the best thing I have ever seen.

3. My (other) family members
All of my family is amazing and I am fortunate to have family members of all ages, all over! I have some family living in New York and some family living in Puerto Rico. I have cousins ranging from 1 years old to like, forty years old! With all my family, there is honestly never a dull moment. They are mostly all present in my life, and amazing. When I see some people who have just 2 cousins, it baffles me. I couldn’t imagine being apart of a small family!

4. My friends
All of my life, I had friends come and go. It took me a while to get used to this and recognize that this is a part of life! But while each friend was a part of my life- I counted them all as a little blessing. Each one taught me a thing or two, either about life, or about myself that I didn’t know. I don’t even know if the friends I have now are my forever friends, (though I do hope so as I always have with any other friends I had)- they are all there for me, caring, fun, and teaching me about life and myself, too which makes me feel very blessed they are apart of my twenties.

5. My education
I know that not everybody is so fortunate to go to college, let alone any school in general. I happen to go to a very good private university. I am paying for it through loans- and even though I’ll be semi-screwed in a few years with debt, I will still be extremely educated and working in a hospital or private clinic somewhere. I realize that not everybody gets the opportunity that I have because they don’t have the right resources, and for that reason I feel very blessed.


What makes YOU feel blessed?
Thanks for reading!




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