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Day 14: Favorite Movies

Yay! This is an easy and simple prompt. I am especially happy for that because I have an OB test tomorrow. Should be studying now- yikes. Going to rush this post a bit! Here are my favorite movies! (Most of them are old! Sorry hah. I barely watch movies anymore and I love these so much!) 


  1. School of Rock
    Was me and my dad’s favorite movie. We watched it tons of times together! I know almost every word and never get tired of watching it.

  2. The Lovely Bones
    It makes me cry and cry and cry- and yet I still want to watch it whenever its on.


  3. Hocus Pocus
    I mean, come on- who doesn’t love this movie? A classic and I watch it whenever I get the chance to!


  4. Gone Girl
    I absolutely LOVED THIS BOOK, and while the movie came nowhere near as amazing- I still love this movie, alot! (Only new movie on my list woops!)


  5. 13 Going on 30
    One of the best movies ever! It’s a chick flick for sure, but it is so funny!!!!!

  6. The Hot Chick
    HILARIOUSSSSSS please tell me you have seen this? One of the funniest movies I have ever seen.


  7. Good Luck Chuck
    I recently saw this, and its considerably old! I love it. Such a funny and cute movie. Slightly inappropriate but, a good romantic comedy.


  8. 50 First Dates
    Classic best movie every that will make you cry, and laugh at the same time.


  9. Peter Pan
    I almost listed every single animated Disney movie here but didn’t want any of you to think I am a weird 20 year old with a 5 year old brain- ha! But I could watch any Disney movie at any moment! I really did like this realistic Peter Pan movie a lot as a kid! 

  10. Meet the Fockers
     I love this movie, that is all!


Do you like any of these movies, too? What are yours? Thanks for reading!



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