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Holiday in Union Square

The prompt for Day 15 of the writing challenge is to bullet point my day so I shall do that first!

  • Woke up at 8:00am because the landscapers were being soooo noisy!
  • Trying to ignore it until 8:49am, then I finally got up
  • Straightened my hair
  • Got dressed and put on makeup
  • Studied while I ate breakfast
  • Made my lunch for school later
  • Rode the train to class
  • Had a panic attack because of my exam coming up at 1
  • Took my OBGYN exam at 1
  • Was sad because I didn’t do that well
  • Calculated all my grades
  • Ate lunch
  • Got Starbucks to wake me up for my Echo class 5:30-7:30pm
  • Learned how to do Left-Handed scanning
  • Reviewed for my Echo final Thursday
  • Took the subway to Spring St at 7:41pm to stay at Gabby’s tonight
  • We went to Union Square to see the holiday boutiques until 9pm
  • Studied all night after that!
  • That’s the life of the student! 😦

Here’s some pictures of the boutiques in Union Square! 




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