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Let Me Scan Your Heart!

Hello hello! Life Update Time! So two days ago was my official last class day in the DMS program. My first semester isn’t over just yet, though. I still have to take my finals. Yesterday, I took my Echocardiography final. The test wasn’t so bad! I was extremely nervous for it- but I think I ending up doing fairly well! Speaking of Echocardiography- yesterday also completed my last day learning Echo scanning in a hospital in NYC. We said our good-byes to our Echo sonography teacher at the hospital, Stephanie and now we are all ready to do Echo scanning when our time for that clinical rotation comes!

The Wednesday night scanning group with Stephanie.

Learning to scan hearts was and still is a challenge, but was really amazing. Thanks to Stephanie, we can all perform a pretty good  Echo ultrasound. Today, I am working pretty much all day before I take an hour break to go to a friends dad’s funeral. I heard about this tragic news during one of my classes and just broke down crying. I hate thinking of anyone having to endure the pain I felt, and still feel after losing my dad two years ago. Especially so close to the holidays. It really is such a shame. I knew her dad, too- and he really was a special man. To lose anybody is horrible, but losing a parent just kills.


But, today is also something happy! It is the 1,000th day that I have been with this babe! Oh yeah, look at that sleeping face. #Hot (haha!) 1,000 days and it seems like it’s been ten times longer sometimes! Oh do you also see what I see in that photo? YES! It’s my hedgehog pillow from ModCloth that I posted about here! It came this week. I was so excited when I received it! It is so nice and squishy. It’s perfect.

This week I also received something else in the mail which made me so happy! My far-away BFF Karla, (who I adore) that I met in Costa Rica last August sent me the most beautiful poster ever to frame and put in my room. I was so happy once the confusion of “What is this tubular shaped package I am recieving? I didn’t order anything like this?”settled down. So pretty right?


Anyway, getting back on track…. I might not be posting for a few days to focus on my finals and because I am working so much this weekend for holiday hours. This Monday I have both my Abdominal Sonography, and Ultrasound Physics finals. And then, Wednesday I have my last final (OGBYN) before I am finally done with this long, and strenuous first semester in the program. The next day will be Christmas Eve, and I will officially be off for 26 amazing days. Woo, woo! So deserved. Then, I will be back to posting more often again. 😀 Don’t leave me!

Thanks for being patient,
☾ Lunalyssa


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