Christmas Craze

The past two days have been a bit insane with all the excitement of Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve I worked a shift from 10 am until 7 pm. This originally seemed like a genius idea considering the dinner at my boyfriends house wasn’t beginning until 7:30, and I could remake some of the money I spent on gifts. Little did I know, this would my most insane day of work in the history of me working there. I didn’t sit, eat, or think anything except “ring this customer up” “wrap this gift” or ” I literally want to lay down on the floor right now and cry” for 9 hours straight. Please people- have mercy on your retail, boutique workers on holidays! We have it rough… It was also quite nice though, because we brought sparkling cider, candy canes, some home-baked cookies, and gifts, too. (In hopes that we would have a little down time to celebrate- ha!).

After work, on Christmas Eve, I went to Chris’ house to have dinner with him and his family although I was tired and wanted to sleep for fifteen hours after that shift. After dinner, we played a game called Logos and called it a night. I then came home, wrapped a few remaining stragglers, sat with my mom for a few while she drank wine while marveling at her tree, and the gifts she put under it- and then I was out for the count!
In the morning, around 9:30 am, my youngest brother came into my room shaking me to get up to open gifts. Very slowly.. I rose. (Ha-ha! Still had that after work apple cider hangover :p) My mom, two younger brothers, grandma and I sat down together in the living room and opened all of our gifts. Everything was great! My brothers got everything they wanted- clothes, xbox one, shoes, games, and more. My grandma opened all her gifts which included pajamas, slippers, clothes, a new blanket ect. My mom was happy with all her gifts, too. We bought her sweaters, scarf set, a new parka, an 80 piece kitchen set with new silverware, pots, pans ect, some new tea, pajamas and much more. All the gifts I got were fabulous! I was really spoiled this year by all of my family, friends, and boyfriend! 🙂

I got so many things that are all super amazing. My biggest gift was ticketsIMG_2549 to see The School of Rock on broadway in January, which was you all know is my favorite movie! I am so excited! Thank you Chris! Christmas Day was spent with my family who came to my house for dinner, family time, gift giving, and games. We played Head Bands, ate rice with chicken, IMG_2593and had a great time. after I spent time with my family at my house- Chris and I then went to his house to spend Christmas night with his family. There we ate even more food- raviolis, and then played one of my favorite games- Scattergories. Overall, Christmas was amazing- and I had the best time ever. I hope everyone else did, too. Thanks for reading.




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