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Writing Challenge Catch-Up

Because of the craziness of my finals and Christmas time, I wasn’t able to keep up on the writing challenge prompts- but that doesn’t mean I am skipping them! Here goes nothing!

Day 19: Discuss Your First Love
Ooh, hmm. What to say, what to say. My first love was when I was 16 years old! He was my first boyfriend and it was full of first time experiences. I was very happy but we were both young, and he wanted more to experience in life than just me. I was very heartbroken, but eventually grew to realize that this was reality.

Day 20: Post 3 Celebrity Crushes

Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Hunnam, and… Charlie Hunnam. I mean- does ANYBODY else stand a chance? C’mon. When I go through celebrity crushes it is usually an obsession and nobody else compares until a different celeb crush takes the thrown. Right now, Charlie Hunnam has had the crown for a year now. (Since I finished SOA on Netflix.)

Day 21: Three Lessons I Want My Children to Learn From Me
My simple lessons.

1. Your feelings are valid. Don’t let anybody else make you feel they aren’t. You can cry whenever you want, and be happy whenever you want. Don’t listen to what others feel is the right emotion to have.

2. Respect people, and be polite. 
You should always realize that everyone has a struggle and a story. Not everybody will be nice but others have it worse, so be respectful, be polite and go about your day treating people how you wish to be treated. On the other hand, never accept disrespect from anybody no matter what age. “Respect your elders” means nothing in my book. Respect is given where respect is due. Whenever you feel disrespected- walk away. They don’t deserve your time anymore.

3. Do what makes you happy. Sure, you may be like your mom and want to sacrifice for others to make sure everyone is happy all the time- but don’t forget about your happiness. Make sure you are always happy, too. Do little things everyday that make you feel good.

Day 22: Music on Shuffle and post the first ten songs
1. Lucky- Jason Mraz
2. Four Pink Walls- Alessia Cara
3. Bones- MS MR
4. Art Deco- Lana Del Rey
5. Swing Tree- Discovery
6. All Day and All Of The Night- The Kinks
7. Honeymoon- Lana Del Rey
8. Habits- Post Modern Jukebox
9. Becoming- Milky Chance
10. Our Time- Lily Allen

Day 23: A Letter To Someone, Anyone
Dear Whoever is Reading This,
How are you doing today? I really hope your day is going well because you truly deserve it. Has anybody told you today that you are beautiful, handsome, intelligent, and 100% worth it? Well, if they did, I am glad. And if they didn’t- well, here it is. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. You are 100% worth it. Don’t ever doubt it, or let another person make you doubt it. Go do something right now to celebrate YOU! You are a truly amazing person- and I can’t wait for the day you actually realize it. xo

Day 24: Write About a Lesson You Learned the Hard Way
Losing my dad was definitely a lesson in its own way- and undoubtedly the hardest thing I ever had to deal with. When my dad passed away I realized the importance of time (and how little we have of it), and our loved ones. I learned to spend more quality time with those I love, and not take a second of it for granted because you never know when your last time seeing them will be is.

Day 25: Think of a word. Type it in Google. Choose the 11th image and write something about it. 
The word I choose is……. SPOT
There is my adorable 11th image of Spot. Yay!
Spot is a loving, and happy dog.
His best friend is a Frog.
Spot and the Frog like to play in the puddle.
Spot always gets cold and wet, so he wants to cuddle.
All he wants is to lay with his owner and be pet.
But the owner dislikes when he is wet.
So his owner dries him off and lays him down.
But we cant forget the Frog, or Spot will frown.
The owner gets the Frog, and they all lay.
Until they get to play in the puddles again, the very next day.
The End.

Day 26: An area in my life that I would like to improve on
Something I would like to improve on is becoming more health conscious. I like to exercise and feel good about myself but sometimes I get way to lazy and say “Ah what the heck- two more cookies won’t hurt.” I love love love food don’t get me wrong- but I would also like to become more aware of the food I put into my body, and habits I start to form. I guess I just want to become a little more healthy- and not the healthy that drinks Kale every morning- nuh uh. Not me. Maybe just the healthy that says, “Maybe I don’t need to eat an extra pizza slice today.” 😀

Day 27Write About Something That is Kicking Ass Right Now.
ME! I am kicking ass right now. These past two days I have gotten back into the gym since school has ended for a bit and have eaten well. Yesterday and today I have burned 1,480 calories together. I woke up tis morning with aches all over my body- (Sing this to that song by The Weekend–>) But I loved it!!!!!! Yeah! That after-work-out-soreness is so rewarding. I pushed myself to go again today even though my brain was saying “Noooooo stay home…. eat pizza, and cookie butter.” My glutes were a litle more convincing and said, “Oh heck no. How are we going to get tighter with that? Bye!”

Day 28: Post Five Things that Make you Laugh Out Loud
1) This video I posted on Instagram
2) This hilarious spoon Vine
3) This Zoey 101 Vine
4) This badass baby Vine
5) This too cute Vine

Without further ado, today’s prompt-

Day 29: Goals for the next 30 days!
1.Study for the upcoming semester at the library, because you have to
study, and you love the library.
2. Keep going to the gym at least five times a week, and lose 3 pounds- the
3. Quit drinking dairy milk because of that video you saw on FB. Enjoy that
Almond Milk you bought!
4. Spend time with my boyfriend, friends, and family before my upcoming
5. Finish No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh.
6. Get enough sleep before school begins.
7. Try to save up money.
8. Take up knitting.
9. Make a scrapbook from my Costa Rica trip.
10. Clean my closet!

Hope you enjoyed my little post of catching up!



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