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Farewell 2015!

Today is the last day of 2015. What better day than to remincise on the memories I made this year?

Let’s start with January 2015. The start to a promising year!
At midnight these were the pictures I took with my family and Chris.
In January I also hung out at my friend Gamze’s house with her little cousin Emre for the first time. He taught me how to do origami! January was also the first month I ever messed with Oracle Cards, and used this mediumship deck to recieve a lovely message from my father.

In February 2015, I had lots of memories with my friends, and my boyfriend.
This was the month of me and Chris’ 20th birthday. We are one day apart. We celebrated together at a sushi place for his dinner, and a cuban place for my dinner. My friends Brianna, and Gamze also took me out the next weekend to Serendipity in NYC. It was amazing! The next, next weekend I went to Diner By The Sea with Brianna, Chris, and Tim for another birthday treat. Aren’t my friends the greatest?

In March 2015, I had a ton of fun memories!
This month marked the 2nd year Chris and I have been together. To celebrate we went to see our favorite band Milky Chance together. This was a beyond amazing concert. They were so good live, and we were actually lucky enough to coincidentally be seated next to actress, Chloe Moretz. March was also the month were had so many crazy snowstorms in NY! Chris and I also went to our first two gem shows in this month. Yay crystals! The last most exciting thing of March 2015 was that I actually put up the first deposit to my first out-of-country trip to Costa Rica with the help of some amazing family and friends donating to a Go Fund Me campaign I began.

In April 2015,


We celebrated our first Easter with Isabella! She was really excited to get her first Easter basket. My family also had a fun Easter egg painting competition! In April, Chris and I also went on a few dates from Thai, to Bubble Tea. We also took a selfie (bottom right) that is still my most favorite selfie of us ever to this day!

In May 2015,
I went out to eat with my brothers, Chris, and a couple of my cousins for the first time in a while! Chris and I also did karaoke for the first time ever. We performed the song “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. May also welcomed in little Louis into the cat family at Chris’ house. I also celebrated ending my second year of college by going to Long Beach with my friends, and then relaxing with a spa mask with Chris. Isabella also slept over for the first time, too! The more big things this month was that I received my passport which was totally exciting- and made my future trip to Costa Rica that more real. I also got formally accepted into the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at my school!

In June 2015, 
Summer began- and I love summer! Even though I was in summer class, I still made the best of it. Chris and I had our first beach day. Gabby, Chris and I hippied it out at Governors Ball Music Festival. I met my friend Camille, and all her friends for the first time- and we went to Coney Island! I celebrated my mom’s birthday with all of my family. I went on a safari ride in Six Flags- which was amazing! I was so close to so many animals. In June, I also celebrated my cousins bridal shower!

July 2015 time!
This month in my iPhoto lacked many photos besides Anatomy and Physiology textbook pages, and cat dissection photos (which I mostly spared you of 😉 ). This month I celebrated the 4th of July at a rooftop party with Chris and his family. I found this beer I really enjoyed, which is so rare because I am someone who never drinks alcohol! The beer is called Stella Artois. I also developed this crazy eye infection in July from the chemical Formaldehyde in my anatomy lab. It was so painful! There is also a nice dissection of a cat heart for ya. 😉


August 2015: The most memorable month of my entire life!
First, I went blonde for the first time ever but more importantly- this was my first ever trip out of the country- and my first vacation with Chris. We went to Costa Rica through an amazing website called College Break. It was ABSOLUTELY amazing! I wish I could post all of the photos! I went hiking up a volcano, zip-lining, kayaking, white water rafting, swimming in hot springs, and took selfies with wild monkeys! I also made a friendship with one of the closest people in my life right now, Karla who is all the way in Texas! Such an amazing time!

September 2015:
I started my first semester in the sonography program. These are a couple of the friends I made this semester. These are also pictures of my first ever ultrasounds Abdominal, and Echocardiography. September was also the month that my cousin got married!

October 2015:
What a fun month, and one of my favorite! I love Halloween so October is always a good month for me. This month, I spent lots a time with my niece where I went to her soccer game, and also pumpkin picking with her and my family. In October, Camille and I also took a road trip to Salem, Massachusetts! It was my first friend road trip ever, and totally great. We went to the Hocus Pocus house! Halloween was also very fun. I handed out candy at my job, and went to a scary haunted house attraction at night. I did my moms makeup as a sugar skull!

November 2015:
Finally I started to get more of the hang of this hard, hard semester (or so I thought before finals week). I went out with my friends to a Hibachi resturant, my grandma came to NY from Puerto Rico for the first time in about 5 years, I saved a baby raccoon, started this BLOG!!!!, had my first little date with Camille at the Cup, and re-dyed my hair black!

December 2015, the last month of the year!
This month was amazing! I finished my first semester of the Sonography program in one piece after many trials and hardships. I had a great Christmas with my friends and family, and  celebrated the 2nd birthday of my little princess Isabella!

I can’t wait for 2016 and I am looking forward to all that it brings!




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