January 1st, 2016

When I typed this title, I wrote 2015 three times… ha-ha! Gonna happen a billion times this year- I can already tell. Well, the first day to 2016 was a really great one for me and I hope it was for you, too!

This year I promised myself a few things:

  1. I will focus more on the positives.
  2. I will spend time with friends, family, and Chris as much as I can.
  3. I will try to learn how to crotchet.
  4. I will get back into drawing.
  5. Write a children’s book (Chris gave me this idea a few days ago)

I did most of those things just on the first day of 2016! Prior to the clock striking midnight on New Years Eve, Chris and I spent NYE in with my family . We ate fresh raviolis, and watched the movie “Room.” It’s a movie based on a book that I wanted to read. (And still do1) It was so touching! It made me cry. We realized half way into it that there was ten minutes until midnight! So we went in the living room and counted down, wish everyone a Happy New Year over champagne- and then returned to finish the first movie of the New Year. We had our first 2016 kiss, laugh, and argument (silly one- of course) within 10 minutes.. Ha! At least we got it out of the way. Last selfie of 2015 below, and a picture of Isabella getting in the NYE spirit with her hat, and one sock for ya!


I was waiting for 2016 for about two weeks now because I was so excited to start using my 2016 planner. I love fresh new planners, just as much as I love new journals. I am happy to that I can now start using my Five Year Q&A Journal that Chris got me for Christmas. I also decided to start this project I heard about on Pinterest a while ago about filling a mason jar with Post-It’s of my yearly memories so that next New Years Eve, I can look at them and reminisce over the past years experiences.

Today I started my January 1st 2016 a little late, and slept in until 12 pm! Yikes! After laying in bed, Camille and I met up and went to Michaels Craft Store to get crafty. I decided to start two of the things I wanted to begin doing- learning to crotchet, and drawing. I bought a crotchet needle, yarn, a sketch pad, and graphite pencils. See my first stitch up there?! Camille and I relaxed on my bed all afternoon making mason jar tea light holders, drawing, and learning how to crotchet.

At 7pm, Chris and I went on our first double date of 2016 with our friends Anthony and Shannon. I actually think that last year they were also the first couple we hung out with, as well! We went bowling after getting Bubble Tea for Shannon and Chris, and Starbucks for Anthony and I! I love bowling. It was really fun. I was doing well, but I didn’t win. Chris did! Below is a photo of me creepily posing next to a mini toy dinosaur that I got out of a 50 cent toy machine at the bowling alley. His name is Georgie! He was my good luck charm. 😉

After we finished our two games of bowling, we went to eat at a restaurant that my friend Ralphaelle works. I had a delicious Belgian Waffle with Java Chip and Butter Pecan Ice-cream. Yum!

When we finished our delicious food, we came back to my house to play a fun and intense game of Head Banz, and Scattergories. Shannon and I were on a team for Head Banz and we won! Girl Power! We also tied up with a score of 44 in Scattergories leaving the boys in the dust with 38, and 32. Muahaha!

Now I am in bed typing this up at 2:00 AM although I should be asleep since I work tomorrow… so I shall go to sleep now. Goodnight world!



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