A Beautiful Surprise!

About two years ago, I believe, I used to have pen pals from all over the world. We would send snail mail back and forth. It was so great getting home every day coming home to see a beautifully written letter that someone across thIMG_3013.JPGe world sat down to take the time and write to me. We would send packages of stickers, post cards, candies from our country, little knick knacks and so on. It was awesome. Overtime it became a little overwhelming with school so I stopped for a while and never got back into it. Today I re-felt that same joy when I came home to a package from my far-away best friend, Karla, on my bed!

Re-cap: Karla and I met when we both booked the same trip through CollegeBreak to Costa Rica in August 2015. We quickly IMG_3014.JPGbecame friendly and now we have spoken to each other nearly every day since! ❤

I felt so excited when I saw my package! I ripped open the box as humanely as I could at the time and behold! I saw tons of goodies I couldn’t wait to open up! I am such a mush when it comes to my friends. I get emotional very easily when I feel appreciated. When I read the card she wrote me- I burst into tears! It was just so NICE. Ugh. I love nice people! Look at that cute packaging- I can’t!!!!!! It’s too cute! Adorable packaging is key- am I right?!

TIME TO OPEN THE GIFTS! First thing I opened was the little purple bag which held adorable little handmade sugar skulls! I love them so much! What a creative little friend I have here, huh? 😉 I plan to frame them both and hang them up!

The next thing I opened was the square underneath it which happened to be the Little Miss Sunshine DVD! A little while ago, Karla and I were talking about our favorite movies and she said this one was one of hers. She was so shocked that I had never seen it. Now I can! Haha! Perfect. I can’t wait. That picture of me is totally unedited, unfiltered, and not faking a smile- at all! That was my first reaction when I opened it!

My next gift was this CUTE LITTLE TEA LIGHT candle from her recent trip to Mexico. I love candles and the little bowl design is so pretty. I then came across my new and beautiful coloring book. Woo-hoo! I love crafty gifts!

I was very intrigued by what was in this perfect and cutely wrapped little box with the reindeer on top so I saved that one for last- and I am so happy I did! I was already crying like a little baby before opening it- but when I opened this one- I cried even more! Inside was AN ADORABLE little badge I showed her a long, long time ago of an ultrasound transducer with the words, “It’s whats inside that counts!” Haha Medical puns. So great. Now I will be the coolest intern with my awesome hospital badge holder!

The gifts were SOOOO thoughtful, and beautiful. I am so lucky to have such a great friend like her. Thank you so much, Karla! Incase I haven’t told you enough already- you are the greatest!



2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Surprise!

  1. So glad you loved everything! I try to pamper those closest to me so know that I tried hard to make you smile and that’s only a reflection of everything you give me! Thank you so much for being a genuinely beautiful person inside and out! Know that people notice and I, for one, am extremely grateful people like you still exist! Love you Alyssa!!!


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