Friends, & plays, & dates. Oh My!

This week so far has been an eventful one. Let me start off with Sunday! Sunday unexpectedly turned into a busy day. What was supposed to be a day of me just working out, and coming home to relax- turned into a day in the city! Which for me is crazy, because when I go the the city I usually like to have planned it and prepared for it.

Chris’ family got tickets to see an Off Broadway play in Union Square called, “39 Steps.” While I was a little bit confused throughout it because I IMG_3055.jpghave never heard of it, it ended up being really funny! I laughed a lot, and really enjoyed the performance. After the play was over, we walked around Union Square, ate pizza, visited Barnes & Nobles, saw that there was a long line to get into Trader Joe’s (crazy), and went for tea at Argo’s. At Barnes & Nobles, I got two books. One is called, “Heart Thoughts” by Louise Hay. And the other is by my favorite, Thich Nhat Hahn, and it is called, “Your True Home.”  So far, I absolutely love both. I got the Louise Hay one impulsively because of the beautiful presentation of the book. Every page is affirmations to live by, and believe. Each page is so colorful and inspiring. Here are two pages that I really enjoy, so far.

Last Spring, I took an English class with a professor named, Professor High. We learned so much about Buddhism, and mindfulness. It was my favorite class I have ever taken. He was such a great and inspirational professor. In this class, we read many works by the Buddhist monk, Thich Naht Hahn. If you ever want to read words that will literally knock your socks off- please read any of his books. Every sentence is all written in such a way that it is easy to digest since each is packed full of inspiration and knowledge. This is just a tid bit of the knowledge he has to offer:

& that was my Sunday! Today only got even more exciting. I was reunited with one of my closest friends Gamze for the first time since May 2015! Gamze and I met in my second year of college in our Biology 2 class. At first I didn’t know if we would be friends because she was really quiet, but eventually we just connected!

–Can I just take a moment and explain how thankful I am for the low maintenance friends in our lives? Friends like Gamze are seriously a blessing from the universe. To have friends where you don’t see each other, or speak for weeks at a time because life is going on- but have everything still be exactly the same as you left off when you see each other again- is absolutely amazing. If there is any article out there that can perfectly describe the friendship that she and I share- it’s this one: Read here!

Thank you Gamze, and other low maintenance friends out there- you’re the best! ❤

But anyways- yes! We saw each other finally! And it was great. Felt just like normal, and as if nine months hadn’t passed whatsoever. I just realized…. I literally could have gotten pregnant and had a baby in this time period- and she could have never known until just now. Haha! It was a nice day. We caught up and talked for like, hours! I missed it, and then we had a little double date at a diner with our boyfriends, and talked some more over burgers and fries. It was great.

Hopefully I get to see her more often because seeing her once again made me realize how much I love and cherish her friendship! 

Tomorrow I will being going to the city yet again to see The School Of Rock on Broadway which was one of my Christmas gifts from Chris. We are going to go iceskating, and eat dinner beforehand, too! I am so excited, and I can’t wait to blog about it afterwards.  Thanks for reading! Xo.




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