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Time to Freak Out

Things are getting all too real and I am freaking the heck out! If you look at my little countdown on my blog you will see that there is TEN MORE DAYS until my first clinical rotation. Oh my gosh! I can’t. I am so, so nervous and excited. I don’t know what to feel first. I didn’t realize until just now how close it was. I haven’t even prepared. Gosh, I need to start re-reading all of my notes…

My hours at the hospital are 9am to 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. With Tuesdays, and Thursdays being lecture days. Because of this schedule my hours at my part-time job have been cut since I can’t work Fridays anymore. Now, I only work Saturdays at my part-time job because I really can’t be a student at a private university and not work. It’s too expensive. And, I also really don’t want to leave that job, because I do love it and everyone that works there. Sad.

In other news, my start to crotchet has been put on hold. I am not really that good at it, and it’s much harder than I thought! Grr. I did do a couple of stitches in a row with the help of Chris. (He is good!? What!) But, it is very hard.

What else, what else? Oh is anyone watching American Idol? It’s the final season and my family and I watch is every year, (minus about 3 seasons we skipped). It’s kind of like a tradition in a way. I remember telling my class mates in elementary school I would be on American Idol one day. But now I am a scaredy cat!

Something exciting happened recently, as well. Four days ago, I wrote a brilliant short story based on a though I had last week. I really want everyone to read it because I am really proud of it. I let about five people read it so far, and everyone one of them said it was amazing, and gave them the chills. My co-worker Leigh, suggested that I get it published. I am not sure though how to go about that? Anybody know how to do this? (Because I totally will!)

I also wanted to blog about something fun Chris and I did over the weekend. I thought it was a great, and fun idea- and it turned out to be even more fun that we thought. It’s called the “15 dollar game!”

Basically the rules are: 

  1. Go to a store where things are relatively inexpensive. (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target One Dollar Spot, 99 cent store, Michaels Craft Store.)
  2. Buy as many things for the other person without going over 15 dollars!
  3. The items could be things that remind you of them, things they like, food/candy they enjoy, basically ANYTHING!
  4. Show each other each item one by one afterwards over some yummy food or a milkshake!

It was honestly so much fun. We spent pretty much about 35-40 minutes in CVS filling our baskets up with things for each other. It felt like a tiny Christmas. The end result was so fun. We went to a pizza place, and sat down eating pizza and revealed all the things that we bought. I want to do this pretty much every month, that’s how fun it was.

Here was what I got Chris:                       What Chris Got Me:
Travel Sized Hair Gel                                     Candle
Hand Sanitizer                                                 Lindor Truffles
Lotion                                                                 Nail polish
Sour Patch Kids                                               Mac n Cheese
Pistachios                                                         Light Up Cat toy
Upset Tummy Medicine                               Travel cup of Froot Loops
A light up frog toy                                          Tissue box with owls on it that
Lindor Truffles                                                 says “Owl Always LOVE you!”
Little notebook

It was so much fun looking at everything. I originally did have a picture of everything together but deleted it on accident. Sad! 😦

Anyway, tomorrow I am going to my school to do practice ultrasounds on Chris, and his mom’s boyfriend, Jerry. I am excited to get my hands back on a transducer and get back to practicing! Goodnight!




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