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The Forest

It is 11:18pm and I am quite, quite tired but I felt like posting something. I just got home from Chris’ house about an hour and a half ago. We baked cookies from scratch. They ended up being pretty good. Maybe next time we will use more chocolate chips, though.

Last night, with our friends Anthony and Shannon, we saw the new horror movie, “The Forest.” It was quite good. It was a good amount of scary and un-scary for me to go to bed tonight without being a little baby about the lights being off. The main actress in the movie, Natalie Dormer, who plays both herself and her twin sister- do an incredible job at being psycho. It was great.

Two nights ago I had a very, very weird dream. Oh little blog, and the readers that I may or may not have- do not judge me. I am the queen of strange dreams. If you do not know me personally, you might question whether or not I did acid before bed that night… but here goes nothing. Let’s dissect this together- bullet my bullet point, shall we?

(By the way,  this dream has several settings and locations. I also woke up in twice during this dream- and was able to pick back up where I left off which has never happened to me before. This dream is therefore- a trilogy.)

First setting:

  • I was at a kickboxing gym near my home.
  • The owner was helping me do crunches.
  • This guy who goes to my college, let’s say- A.R.- literally lays on top of me and says “Hi mami.” (Ok. This isn’t going where you think. It’s just something he would say..)
  • Owner of gym lifts him off of me and calls him a creep.
  • I agree.

Second setting:

  • I am in a kitchen talking to a ghost, or just someone who isn’t there.
  • I am telling them that I love (it was a romantic type of love) them and wish they were here to be around me.

Third setting:

  • I arrived at an old friends home whom I will not name. (Let’s call her, Nicole.) So I was at Nicole’s house and it was her birthday.
  • I was the first two arrive.
  • Her siblings then arrived, too.
  • They gifted her egg salad wrapped in aluminum foil. No bread. (THIS IS NOT A JOKE PEOPLE, lol! This is real stuff...)
  • I thought this was weird in the dream.
  • Unlike real-life Alyssa, I FORGOT a gift. I would never do this so I was very embarressed and said I left it in the car and would go get it later. (Liar.)
  • Many of her friends showed up. Some that I actually know in real life.
  • I was back to talking to the un-seen person.
  • She asked me if I recognized that her house was different.
  • I said I noticed it seemed different, but don’t remember how the furniture was arranged the last time.
  • Her friend said, “Her mom won the mega millions… twice.”
  • I was impressed but wondered why they didn’t just move somewhere bigger and only rearranged furniture.
  • Another girls’ mother (let’s called her Alanna) showed up. Alanna’s mom was talking to four beautiful slender girls in Italian. And I was intrigued. I wondered if Alanna’s mom would recognize me after so many years.

Fourth Setting:

  • The party ended up swimming in a bay-like body of water.
  • It was very, very dark out. The ocean was also dark.
  • I was really scared, because I am not fond of the ocean.
  • Everyone was swimming out into the ocean.
  • Alanna’s mom was still taking to the girls in Italian and making them count.
  • Everyone seemed to be swimming with a group of people.
  • I was swimming alone.

In real life, I woke up and fell back asleep and ended up in…..

Fifth Setting: 

  • We were all still swimming but it was day time now.
  • The water was a beautiful blue color.
  • The were HUGE blocks of wood all stuck together under the water rotating.
  • We had to grab onto the wood in order for it to swing us onto the other side to latch onto the next wood.
  • It was like a game.
  • I saw several people from my highschool here. Initials, S.W, and B.K (just so I don’t forget in the future.) 
  • When we were all done this brings me to the last and final setting.

I woke up before this part, yet again. 

Sixth Setting:

  • We were in crystal clear water.
  • Chris and I were swimming, and I saw dolphins and some otter-like creature at the bottom of the sand.
  • We swam to a section where we could stand because I am very afraid of dolphins and I wanted to be far away from them.
  • Where we stood on the sand, it was full of the crystal called “Blue Kyanite” in replace of sand. It was beautiful.
  • I showed Chris and he began picking them up off of the floor.
  • I screamed, “No stop! There is dolphins underneath there. I just know it!”
  • And what do ya know- there they were.
  • A bunch of miniature pink dolphins. I was so scared!!!!!!!
  • They were pink, like the stone “Rhodochrosite”  and that’s what I thought they were at first glance.
  • I kept telling him to stop poking at them because they would come swimming out and he wouldn’t stop!




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