What’s In My Bag?

Decided to do this fun little post incase you’re wondering what makes up the contents of my bag… dun dun dun. Warning: it isn’t as interesting and cool as you’d think.


The first thing would be my wallet and my phone. (Duh!) I got this bag from Century 21. It’s from Danielle Nicole, and was marked down from $80 to $40. I’m not really a name brand girl but I saw it – and it was a nice size, and black- which I needed. The wallet is from my good old store, Target. And the phone case I got for $4.00 on Amazon.


IMG_3321When you open my bag up you will find my planner, always. I seriously cannot breathe without a planner. I need to write everything down from test dates, to appointments. It’s essential!  I will usually always also have a book with me to read. It’s like a shield for when I don’t want to talk to someone. 😉


This red-pink theme was completely unintentional! Other random contents of my bag include: chapstick, Mac lipstick (just in case), my phone charger, hand sanitizer, change wallet, and tic-tacs.



Lastly, I always have my little sloth compact mirror from Costa Rica, some crystals (pictured are Pyrite, Amethyst, and Labradorite), a little Tocca perfume bottle, my keys with many keychains, and my jumbled up headphones.

This was sort of fun. Hopefully you thought so, too! I want to see what’s in your bag. I challenge YOU to do this post, too! 🙂



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