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Farewell American Idol!

American Idol came out in the summer of 2002. I was just seven years old. Ever since that first season when Kelly Clarkson won- I would sing in the shower, in my room, and whenever I was alone dreaming of one day being on the show. I’ve always been an in-the-closet singer, letting only few hear my actual singing voice. I am actually a good singer, and never had the confidence to admit so until recently. But Clarkson, along with every American Idol contestant and winner gave hope to the little people in small towns with voices that they never thought would be heard.

This year marks the last season of the show- 14 years later.

I remember being in elementary school, and telling my classmates that when I turned 15, I would audition for the show. (That was fearless little Alyssa who didn’t yet know what the fear of rejection felt like, haha) With the exception of about 3 seasons (because I was bitter Simon Cowell left the show) I watched all the seasons. It was always somewhat of a family tradition to watch this show every January when it came back on. We would sit in the living room with popcorn or ice-cream in hand and discuss how we felt the singers were like we were one of the judges, and laugh hysterically over the crazy auditions.

I just watched the last episode of the auditions and I must admit I became very very teary-eyed! I honestly had to hold myself back from crying! I can’t believe this was the last time I will ever watch the auditions and judge the people on my T.V screen, and scream at the judges for not putting someone threw that was CLEARLY AMAZING! I will never see the crazy-ass people get on television bravely who just can’t sing at all… but still have the confidence to try.

Sure, there are other singing shows on T.V, like The Voice, which I do watch occasionally. But no other singing show will hold so close to my heart- because when I was seven years old, I didn’t dream to audition for The Voice, I dreamt to audition for American Idol. It’s been on the air for almost my entire life. I am going to be really sad to see it go when the last episode ever airs.

That was my little cry-baby post. Hope your Sunday was great!



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