Happy February!

February is such a great month in my life and I am so happy it’s here. I feel like such a lousy blogger for not having posted anything in quite a while but I have been posting so many things to my drafts for ideas of what I want to write about- so stay excited.

I really haven’t posted so much because school is quite busy and nobody wants to here me go on and on about school everyday right? But speaking of, doing ultrasounds at the hospital is really great, just as my first day was. I love everybody that I work with. Scanning patients and identifying pathology is becoming easier and easier each time I go in because the senior sonographers are teaching me so much. Their tips, and tricks to getting certain organs, and vessels are really helping me out.

So far February is going well. Besides a test I took today, which didn’t go so well. But let me look at the bright side here:

  • next Wednesday (February 10th) I turn 21 years old! What! Can’t believe I have been alive for 21 years already. Time super flew by. Feels like yesterday I was 16, honestly!
  • It is also my little brothers birthday, too! Yes, he is a birthdate stealer.
  • Tuesday (the day before) is also Chris’ 21st birthday. It’s always really nice to celebrate together.
  • Then we have Valentines day! I love Valentines day. I don’t think its cliche, and totally cheesy. I think it’s amazing! Who doesn’t think flowers, chocolate, and a date is awesome!??!?!!? Don’t lie to yourself!
  • And what about the fact that it’s a short month. Yay for shorter months that bring us closer to Spring/Summer!
  • February also means we have good old President’s Day. Hellz yeah to a day off, am I right? (Sorry if you don’t have off! Haha!) IMG_3943.JPG

In conclusion, February rules. And also, I got a haircut today. It’s pretty short. I had to say goodbye to 6 long awaited inches all because I let them become sad little split ends. Take care of your locks people! And that’s all for now!




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