My 21st Birthday

What a week! Last Wednesday, on February 10th, I turned 21 years old! It still seems kind of weird to say. I had a such a great week full of tons of memories that I will honestly never, ever forget. This was my best birthday yet in my 21 years of life!

On Wednesday, I kicked off my birthday with my two co-workers from the hospital I am interning at. We ate Fajitas and drank Margaritas at El Contiñero. I had such a nice time, and it was beyond sweet of Maxine to take me here, and pay for everything. I won’t ever forget this, after all, she did buy me my first legal drink. 😉

After that, I went to meet my family for another dinner (aye yai yai, I have to start my diet tomorrow…!) because it was not only my birthday- but also my little brothers birthday. He turned 14. That morning, my mom and my brother gave me my gifts. They were really sweet. I got a cute mug, a pajama set, a pretty mason jar, and an adorable clutch. I also got two adorable hand-made cards from my friend Reign (she drew a very accurate representation of our scanning lab group last semester!) and a card from my niece, Giuliana.

Friday night after clinical is when the super fun came in. Not that my other two dinners weren’t fun, they definitely were- but this was my legitimate #GNO that I totally needed. Some of my closest friends and I got together at celebrated my birthday at Texas BBQ’s in Times Square and had gigantic drinks and appetizers, before heading over to 5bar Karaoke. While all the karaoke rooms were full, we still managed to have the funnest time. This ended up being one of the most memorable, fun, and happy nights of my life! I really love and appreciate my friends who made this night amazing!

Chris and I usually celebrate together since his birthday is the day before mine but we decided to celebrate together Saturday night. We both had class on the day of our birthdays, and since he goes away to school- it made it difficult this year. On Saturday night after I finished work, we ate at a restaurant called Mesita. The atmosphere there was so great, and they make home-made and fresh guacamole right in front of you. It was great. While we were there, Chris surprised me with the greatest gift of all time. He announced that next December, we will be spending 2 weeks in Thailand. I was in tears! It was the greatest surprise and so unexpected. I am so thankful that he is such a great boyfriend to me. He really outdid himself. ❤

On Valentine’s Day, I was also majorly spoiled, as well! I got flowers, roses, and some goodies from Victoria’s Secret! I also got so many chocolates from my mom, brother, and Chris’ mom.  On Valentines Day, Chris and I stayed in since we went out the night before. We ate spaghetti and meatballs and baked delicious treats together. We made chocolate chip cookies, and these amazzzziiiiing tiny strawberry cream pies. Recipe here. It’s a little time consuming if you make as many of them as we did, but it’s SO worth it!

This week has been beyond my expectations, and I couldn’t be ANY happier. I feel so grateful to have all these people in my life and have made so many memories with them in just my first week of being 21. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me.





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