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My First “Lush” Experience

I have heard so many positive things about the organic, and animal friendly store called Lush in the past few years. They sell soaps, bath bombs, facial cleansers, mask, makeup, shampoo, deodorant… pretty much all your daily things to keep your body, hair and face in the best condition ever. Just a few weeks ago, I decided to buy some things from there. I wanted to test them out and see how they worked before letting you all know!

First thing I want to say about the store in general is, the workers are really friendly, attentative, and knowledgable. I didn’t feel like they were trying to push things on me or sell me things that I didn’t want or need. I went to the store in Union Square, and it seemed as if the girls who helped me really listened to what I was requesting, and knew exactly what products would be best.

When I went there I was very overwhelmed. There are things everywhere and had I not came in with a specific type of product in my mind- I think I would have left due to feeling overwhelmed. I asked the first employee to help me find a product for dry skin. I do not remember her name or else I would credit her personally because one of the products I got by her reccomendation, I truly love.

The first Lush product I will review is, “Angels On Bare Skin“. 

I really love this cleansing scrub. I tried a few on my hand with the employee, and this one was the winner. I tend to be attracted to a more “fresh” smell than a fruity or sweet smell and so this one won me over. After using this for two weeks, I definitely would buy it again. This was my favorite of the products I got. It’s made with a few ingredients, some being: almonds, lavender oil, chamomile, and roses. It can be used all lover your body to even out your skin tone, and leave it with a deep fresh, and clean feeling. I don’t use it all over my body. I take my makeup off prior to getting in the shower with a facial wipe, and then use this while bathing. I truly feel like my face is 100% clean after using this, when before I would feel it’s semi-clean. The mix of the ingredients makes my skin tingle a little bit, which also makes me feel that it’s getting into the pores on my skin and cleaning them out. This probably isn’t what’s happening- but it makes it feel that much magical. After using this for 2 weeks- it makes my face feel so smooth, and look oh so lovely. This product cost $15.75 for a fairly good amount of it.

The second Lush Product I will review is, “Celestial.

I was really excited about this one, and had high hopes because I have been on the search for a good moisturizer for dry skin- but won’t leave my face feeling oily, and clogged after using a facial cleanser. This product was also really expensive for a small size. It cost me $25.95. While it smells really nice, (made with cocoa butter, vanilla water, and almond milk) I don’t think I will get this product again. I wanted a facial cleanser that would leave my face feeling light, as if I have no product on- and take away the patches of dry skin I get around my nose. It didn’t really work for my skin, but I am not saying it might not work for yours. And if it does- I am very jealous because I really like the smell of it! It made my skin feel less clean than before when I cleaned it with Angels on Bare Skin (AOBS). I would apply it at night after using AOBS, and I would feel amazing! But, in the morning my dry skin would be back. Sad! Guess I will try a new one soon.

The third & fourth Lush Products I will review are, “Root Hair Treatment” and “R&B Leave In Hair Conditioner“.

I didn’t actually buy these product. What is awesome is that at Lush they allow you to take little bottles of product home to sample before buying it. I asked an employee for something that will raise volume in  my hair near my roots. She told me to try out “Root Hair Treatment.” I use the Root Hair treatment before I shampoo (this is what an employee told me to do) and the peppermint in this product is really evident. It makes my scalp tingle like crazy which feels amazing, by the way. While I love the way the treatment makes my hair feel- I haven’t seen a big difference in the volume near my roots in 2 weeks. Maybe I have to wait longer? Not sure. But that’s all I got for this one! The second sample I have been using is R&B Leave in Conditioner and I really like it. It is much like other leave it conditioners. A little goes a looooong way. It doesn’t feel too oily, and makes my ends look nice and shiny. 🙂

That’s all for my reviews. Until next time!




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