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Re: My Long Absence

(I know this cover photo is really dramatic but it is totally accurate)

Hola everyone! I was going to apologize for my 2 months of not blogging, but I decided not too because while I felt bad I hadn’t written in a while- I was just really busy trying to deal with life. As we all know, people get busy- and we don’t have to apologize for focusing more on our own lives over other things.

These past two months have been VERY hard on me (school/leaving my job of almost 2 years) and that pretty much sums up why I have been absent from my blog for so long. As we know, I am in my first full year of the medical sonography program. And… as we all may imagine, it is super hard. I have probably mentioned before that I was an A+ student…………..

Well, that was before I got into this program. Now my A’s have turned into C’s right before my eyes. Going from showing off grades to hiding them is honestly one of the worst feelings I have ever felt! It is a suffocating, drowning, cruel feeling to feel like a failure.

I am absolutely drowning in school right now, but I am trying very hard so hopefully it all pays off. I didn’t really want to share this because being vulnerable makes me feel queasy. But I think putting aside my vulnerability fear is best because it’s more important that people know that this sh*t isn’t easy, and if you feel like you’re drowning in life/school/job/relationships ANYTHING- YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Anyway, back to my reality. I am borderline failing a class, and if I don’t pass it- I risk being kicked out of the program I worked so hard to get into. Yay adulthood. So my abscence has been due to me studying my brain off. I won’t be blogging again until after my finals in May because I really need to focus.

I also need to do a review on a great book I just read (in less than 1 day! That means its awesome), which will be coming as soon as I have a teensy moment to relax. Look out for that soon.

Until we meet again.



5 thoughts on “Re: My Long Absence

  1. I’ve missed you! I been wondering what you been up to although I figured it had something to do with school. Well, I’ve never been an A student and now being in college I beat myself up even more about not making A’s. I had my first A last quarter, it’s been years for me. Your field of choice sounds tough in general! I believe that you’ll pull through!

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    1. Brieya! I am so happy you’ve missed me because I have missed you my sweet blogger friend. Yes, school is kicking my butt big time but I cannot wait to catch up on all your posts. 🙂 Thank you for believing in me!

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      1. 🙃🙂😀 Your welcome! I haven’t really been blogging myself, but I try! I haven’t really been doing anything besides going to school.


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