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Fly Me To The Moon

Hi! Welcome back! I am so thrilled that you are here and reading my second post. The weather is starting to get nicer in NY, and I am so happy for that because my “places to go” and “things to see” list is expanding every day. Which means… more fun for me, and more content (and fun) – for you, too.

This past weekend I went out both Saturday and Sunday to new places. (Subscribe to my e-mail list to get notified on the next post regarding my other weekend adventure!) But without further-a-do…..


Cost:$10.00 adult admission
$9.00 student admission
$9.00 Adults 62 & over
$8.00 Kids 12 & under
$ FREE Kids 2 & under
$ GROUPON DEAL- keep reading $
Time Span: About 1 hour 20 minutes
Perfect For: Science & space lovers / The curious!
Rating: 9/10 (Keep reading for why!)

Moment you’ve all been waiting for: GROUPON
(Click through for $11.50 admission for TWO!)

Yes! Score. Groupon is A1 when it comes to finding deals on fun/inexpensive activities, restaurant deals, and even all-inclusive vacations. 😉 So when I saw the deal for planetarium entrance for two (they also have a deal listed for admission for 4 people for $20.00!) I decided to buy it right away. It is super affordable and a unique/different thing to do when you don’t have anything planned. The times that are offered are night time viewings on Friday and Saturday at 8 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm. Cecilio and I went to the 9 pm viewing this past Friday- and I will tell you all you need to know riiiiiiiiiiight  now.

Driving to the Vanderbilt Planeterium was a lot longer than we expected. It all depends where you are driving from, of course, but just a fair warning- it’s not a 15-20 minute trip. We arrived in the town of Centerport, LI (where the museum is located) around 8 pm and decided to get some pizza before the show.

Shout out to Alisha S. on Yelp for this photo! I didn’t remember to take my own pictures of the pizza (because I was too busy eating it haha) but this is IT. *Heart Eyes!*

I have to mention this pizza place because there we had one of the most different, but most AMAZING pizza slices ever. The pizzeria is called, “Campania Pasta and Pizza.” It was only an 11 minute drive from the museum and had pretty average prices for specialty slices (Around $2.75 I believe?) The slice we tried was…. Teriyaki Chicken Slice. Yes. I know your mouth is watering. Mine, too. I would go back for it- you should definitely try it. They accept card. It’s a casual place. They do have a dining area, too. They also have 4.5 stars on Yelp so if you’re not convinced yet- here is more information! (Click for YELP page!)

After we were done in foodie heaven, we had time to kill before the show and drove around the town. While there aren’t many stores and food places around the muesum- the homes surrounding the land are breathtaking. They are all incredibly big and constructed so beautifully. If you love and appreciate that type of thing I would definitely  give yourself a little extra time before the show to do that. Since it was night time, and street lights pretty much do not exist in that town- be careful driving around. It is pretty dark, and Cecilio and I agreed that the town actually gives off a bit of an eerie vibe as we drove through it.

We walked into a movie-theater-like lobby and were greeted with a giant moon statue…. ….and a bunch of little kids…. *maybe the 10 pm viewing would have been a better choice.* We showed our Groupon to the employee, got our hand stamped for the 9 pm show, and walked around the gift shop before our show started. The gift shop had some cool things like Sea Monkey kits, geodes, kaleidoscopes, and space food ice-cream! (Which Cecilio bought! And it wasn’t too bad!)

The show itself was really entertaining. The 60-foot dome shaped screen obviously makes everything look totally awesome. There were a lot of cool visuals, and information. It kept our attention for the majority of it. The reason I would give it a 9/10 which isn’t really even all there fault- was the kids. 😦 As we exited, we realized that the crowd entering in for the 10 pm show were all adults. I would definitely choose the 10 pm show if you want to go- probably easier to focus on the show!

After the show, we were really excited to hear that we could now visit the outdoor observatory. In the outside observatory, you go up a few stairs where you are greeted by an employee in a little space set up on the roof with a telescope. Everyone takes turns and looks in the giant telescope and you will get to see the moon. It was AMAZING. Actually breathtaking. It was so up close and personal that you could see every crevice and crater on the moons surface. It was incredible. The observatory is open every Friday night (weather permitted). It’s also important to me that I mention we only visited the Planetarium – and not the museum itself. That adventure will be for another day. 🙂

Andddddddddd….that was the end of our night! Woo-hoo! Success of a date night- all for less than $20.00.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you plan to visit the Planetarium! If you have ever been to the museum, I’d love to know how it was! As always- if you have any suggestions on fun budget friendly day trips, or questions about anything at all- please comment below. Stay tuned for more posts like this!


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