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In NY? Want To Fly To Puerto Rico for $68? Click Here!

Alright guys! What’s going on? So you know by now that in this blog I share my travels, activities I do, and most importantly how I do it for cheeeeaaaap!

So what if I told you that you could fly one-way to Puerto Rico for only $68 dollars?

I know, I gasped, too. And at the same second I gasped, I started choosing a day, putting in my contact information, choosing a seat, and clicking confirm purchase. And it’s a done deal. After 4 years, I’ll be returning to my beautiful island. Yay! I can’t wait to feel the sand again, see my family, hear Spanish music playing all day, tan tan tan, and sooo much more!

**(If you saw my IG story, advertising $58 dollars- sorry, the price has gone up since then! Prices rise all the time so book as soon as you see a good deal! BUT- regardless this is still EXTREMELY inexpensive, and a price you’re unlikely to see elsewhere.)**

Let me just take a moment to say-

PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE of these cheap prices that I am about to show you and go to Puerto Rico if you can. As you know, Hurricane Maria destroyed Puerto Rico… with barely any help from our government (eye roll), Puerto Ricans are still suffering immensely in certain regions. Yes, still. The news just doesn’t talk about it anymore because- ok let me not get political here on this post. But you know what I am trying to say-

More tourists = More money = Helping Puerto Rico and it’s natives

Go! Eat delicious food at local restaurants, not chains. Stay in AirBNB’s hosted by locals, not hotels. Visit and respect Old San Juan, dance at the many bars and clubs, lay on the beach (check status of beaches prior to going because the hurricane destroyed many), visit El Yunque National Rainforest ect.

Puerto Rico is not dangerous in most major areas, and it is an AMAZING place to spend some time- there is so much to see besides beaches. I will make a post about that another time!

Now let’s get to how you guys can get this deal, too. Step by step! 😉
I am going to use screenshots from the app to help you, however you can use the website listed below, too.


  1. What you are going to want to do first is head over to Frontier Airlines
    *Disclaimer- I have never flown this airline before, however given the cheap prices and good reviews online- I went for it. I will review it myself when I get back! They have an app to for IPHONES CLICK HERE, and for SAMSUNG CLICK HERE (if you want to use the app.)IMG_2591
  2. If you’re in NYthis is for you. Frontier flies from LGA, but not to San Juan. So you are going to want to choose to fly from ISLIP airport (ISP). Again, I have never flown out this airport either- but compared to LGA which normally sells round trip tickets to Puerto Rico from anywhere between $320 (normally) -$700 (summer months)- this was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper by over 200 dollars- and I’m all about saving money as ya know. So no complaining about the drive! You’re saving A LOT of money flying from here.
  3. Once you have chosen “From ISP” – “To SJU” and chosen the dates (don’t worry- you can adjust this later), choose how many passengers you’re purchasing for. (I’m going to use the example of 1 passenger here and a ROUND TRIP flight)- Press submit. Make sure you click round trip option! 

  4. It will take you to a screen where you see your flight choices. Now, with Frontier they basically show you a flight time, and you either take it or not. If you’re trying to fly somewhere cheap- you can’t be that picky. You just have to go with the lowest prices. Who cares if you get in at 2:30 am? Go to bed, and wake up around 9 and start the day refreshed! You can choose a different time, but it’s extra money. Once you’ve chosen both your departing and returning flight, click what I circled in yellow (if your flight arrives the next day) 

  5. Fill in the contact information. Submit that, and then skip this “Upgrade to the Works” thing- not necessary. 

  6. On the ADD ONS page, you’ll see options asking whether you want a checked bag, carry-on bag, and seat choices.So. I am pretty firm on this little rule to save money any time you travel.

    Checked Bag = No.

    Don’t be boujee. You can travel with a carry-on on most flights for FREE so get used to trying to fit everything in a 24 x 16 x 10 suitcase! You will never have to pay $50+ for a checked bag again if you master the art of PACKING LIGHT. If people can travel around the world for 3 months with everything they own in a BACKPACK- you can most certainly make 4-5 days in Puerto Rico fit in a carry-on.

    You don’t need much more than flip flops, sneakers, 2-3 bathings suits, a couple of shirts and shorts, and maybe a dress or two. Really easy to fit this all in a carry-on suitcase. (I will do a post on this, too.) I did it for 5 nights in Cuba, and 11 days in Costa Rica. It’s possible.

    Another con of checking a bag, is that sometimes luggage can get LOST and then you’ll be waiting in San Juan airport for luggage that will never come. So let’s not risk that. Keep your clothes and personal items above you in the overhead compartment! Easy as pie, and no waiting for your luggage to come on the luggage belt.

    On Frontier you actually have to pay for a carry-on- $35 dollars. This still makes the ticket come out to cheaper than anywhere else – so no worries. Click that add-on!


  7. For seats, click on the button and then choose a seat. If you sit all the way in the back you will pay 12-14 dollars a seat as opposed to the front where seats are 45 dollars. Save, save, save! Sit in the back.IMG_2581 2
  8. Make sure you REPEAT all of these steps for the RETURNING flight. 

  9. Pay and get hyped for your vacation! There you have it! So it might not be a FLAT $68 dollars, but c’mon. $68 dollars both ways, plus a little extra on carry-on. That’s a deal to me. Would you rather fly FRONTIER for @230, or Jet Blue for $400 (not including tax)? I think it’s an obvious choice. 😉

I truly hope that at least ONE of you reading this take advantage of this amazing deal like I am! I have been traveling to Puerto Rico ever since I was a baby, sometimes more than one time a year, and have never heard of/seen a price this low. I have no doubt in my mind that you would enjoy yourself here, and never forget your trip.

If you do plan to go and book with Frontier, please let me know! I could offer you some advice, and places to see/go so you can vacation there like a local (and a little bit of a tourist, too. ;p)

Hope you enjoyed this information and found it useful. As always- thank YOU for reading and supporting me. See you again soon with a new post full of new adventures and information.


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