Hi and welcome to my blog! I have spent 23 years of my life doing what I thought other people wanted me to do. Now I am trying to live more and do everything I want to do. You can join me!

As a millennial, in the time of crippling debt, pressure to conform to the norms of society, being educated as hell, but still broke AF – I am here to help YOU, my fellow millennial, to ENJOY your life. I am just like you. I will offer you so many fun things to do on a budget – because our lives shouldn’t be a struggle to enjoy.

Here are some little facts about me:

  • My name is Alyssa
  • I have lived in NY my entire life- will  I stay or will I go?
  • I am always planning something behind the scenes… *insert eyes emoji*
  • I am Puerto Rican
  • I have a BS in Ultrasound
  • I am one of four (two brothers, one sister)
  • Obviously, I love traveling

That’s all I got for now. Stay tuned.